Best 5* heroes to have?

what are the best 5* heroes to have in the roster?

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Any that you can summons. Seriously

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Different heroes are good at different things.


team synergy is more important than forming a team of all stellar 5*
think in term of football


he might have too many coming or already have…

he is asking which to prioritize on lvling up…

i know all you can get is good for f2p, but I think he’s seriously asking for an advice… not a “sarcastic/f2p” reply… :pensive:

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I’d strongly suggest seeing whose teams are at the top of the global leader boards for teams that have good synergy… any of those top 100 and the combos you see repeated over and over will spell out what works well.

(sigh) I wasn’t being sarcastic. And I am not a F2P player. You are making assumptions at every level

The best ones to have are the ones you have the mats for, otherwise they are not the best for you.


Here is a hero grading sheet from some of the top players of E&P that might help you:

sorry, but your reply wasnt helpfull…

more like "get the 5 stars first after ask us. duh? :crazy_face: "

if you reply try helping…

You are clearly a mind reader. I am not. I answered his/her question in a way that I thought was most helpful based on what was asked.

You jumped in and made assumptions on what she/he was asking without any information.

And then u made assumptions on my response, without any information.

How about you respond to the OP in a helpful way? Which u haven’t done, but rather insulted someone who was actually attempting to do that?

So @_John_Doe, to repeat the original question “What are the best 5* to have in the roster”?

We all look forward to your response.

I have only a 5 star RedHood - dropped last month…
I’m upgrading SH20 now.
I bookmarked this topic for later TC20 drops.

ANSWER: I cant help him, but would like people that help him to help me indirectly.

My best possible help was already given:

P.S. Sorry if I got you angry - hope not; aint assuming/supposing, just apologising in advance if needed.

end of offtopic. cya

It definitely must be Thorne


It is really too much of a generic question.
Something like “What’s the best car?”

What car?
Sport car? City car? Family car? Off-road car? Luxury car?

After that we have to consider heroes that sinergy good togheter. And personal preferences.
And heroes that have yet to come. And chance to get them.

You know what?
Every HotM you can get.


The best 5*s are the ones on the team that just beat you that you don’t have.


Aegir or something like that. An ice hero. I faced off a team with this little tinker. Omg, just kept replenishing health. Makes the team invincible!

There are lots of good 5* both for attack and defense.
All the TC20 snipers are very good: magni, marjana, joon, lianna, sartana.
Atena, Arthur, Alasie, Alberich, Zeline, Gregorion, Tarlak, Gravemaker, Ares, Guinevere, panther, Hel are all top heroes


Men USA basketball team in the Olympic.

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Even Aegir ? No way.

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