Best 5* farmable?

All of those slow mana heroes that you said were bad, have high tile damage

King Kong is 5* wu kong

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There will never be a 5* version of Wu Kong. 5* do not take chances, they do damage. Wu Kong is just a crazy monkey which can make every player go nuts.


So King Kong is the 5* version of Wu Kong and Brienne?

Is there a 5* version of Brienne then?

No, 5* Brienne is Brienne of Tarth.

Does that mean there is a 5* version of Spirit Link?

Brienne is unique. I think we can expect some berserk character in the future. I would love a 5* with such special.

Yes, it’s called “wishful thinking” :wink:

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The problem seems to be that all the good loot is titan loot.

I have fun with war, but the loot is only okay.

I have fun raiding, but I haven’t needed any food from my farms in weeks ( lack of heroes, and lack of ascension items to level the heroes I don’t have), so raiding for food is a non issue, and the iron rewards from raiding cannot keep up with a second builder.

You make a good point in a way I have not seen it made before. The fact that Titan loot is so good relative to other loot does sort of skew the game towards Titan killing as being the most important aspect of play.


Just saw the v1.12 patch notes. It will be interesting to see if rare titans are on par with Wanted Elemental mission chests or Rare Quests.

Me too 2020202055606570

I can tell you right now, they are not

You are bringing in math without considering the circumstances of a raid battle, which is pointless. There is a reason why the top players like Zero or Anchor prioritize fast and average speed heroes in raids. Thanks to fast heroes you can quickly take out the key targets like Alby, Azlar, Isarnia and, most importantly, any tank, thus allowing you to ghost tiles much earlier and charge up specials faster, making your mathematical comparison somewhat invalid.
Also, given the randomness of the board, you might not be lucky enough to charge up a slow hero fast enough - something that might be a problem even when running fast heroes, but at least with them you are more likely to get these specials off.

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8 shields and 6 tonics!

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Because fast mana charging is unambiguously better than slow mana charging, there is usually a penalty to be paid for fast charging heroes, either in fragility, in low tile damage, or in an underwhelming special. Players - even good ones - often overrate the importance of fast mana and underrate the importance of the offsetting factors, in my opinion.

This is especially so on defence. Most fast mana heroes at high levels are snipers whose ability to kill key opponents quickly (often exaggerated in its efficacy, I think) is worthless on defence. The AI is stupid and almost inevitably will target the wrong opponent. So what’s fast mana worth in that context? Next to nothing.


Just to be clear, I never disregarded the viability of slow heroes in defence. The argument was about the number of tiles and how it compares between the two, which was an argument about raid attacks.

That being said, I think Azlar is the best farmable fire hero. Not a fan of Elena or any other counterattack hero, which is why I especially dislike Obakan, since his counterattack only applies to him. His fast mana doesn’t really help much here. Sartana is in a league of her own in that regard.

For me personally and outside the game I like Marjana just because!

Talking about defence pal.

I don’t even considering attack for fast and slow, because a good raider can be stopped only by a bad board, no matter the heroes.


We can give differing opinions on these heroes all day long but what they are used for, how we use them and how they work well with others in your line up determines their value.

I would like to bring Marjana (don’t have her) to snipe Alby and/or Isarnia but Elena trumps her on titans as long as King Kong’s 4* cousin is in the line up.

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