Best 5* farmable?

With farmable, I mean I can touch you in training 20.

Marjana, Elena, Azar (in this order?)

Magni, Isarnia

Lianna, Lianna :grin:

Joon, Vivica, Justice (in this order?)

Sartana, Obakan

Is this correct?


Without having her but having Obakun at 3/70, I’d put dark as ‘Sartana, Sartana’, and keep on holding onto my tabards rather than ascend him.

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I put Azlar before Elena, and maybe Leonidas in place of Justice.


Depends what you want to use them for. For raid and war defence and for farming, Azlar and Elena are better than Marjana, Isarnia is better than Magni, Horghall is better than Lianna, Justice is better than Joon, and Quintus is better than Sartana. So, pretty much the reverse of what you have.

For raid attack I think your order is about right. For Titans I don’t think it’s quite correct (eg, Marjana’s tile damage is poor), but roughly okay.


I’m not sure I understand your title. If you mean, what are the best 5* regular (farmable) heroes you can get, then Obakan (HOTM) doesn’t belong on this list. (And did you mean Azlar, not Azar?)

If you mean, which of these heroes are best to use on the map (farmable), I’ll let others answer. :slight_smile:

Obakun is a regular hero - I’ve got three of him. He’s just also not especially great - not worth ascending past 3/70 before Sartana IMO.

Obakan isn’t a hotm though

OP means all non-event and non-HoTM.

Farmable to poster means can be trained out of tc20

I was replying to rook not OP

For Legendary training and attacking titans:

-Fast mana is king in versus titans.
-Tank snipers are king versus titans ( high defense stat and HP so titan doesn’t One Shot One Kill ).


Elena, Azar, Isarnia, Vivica, Justice, all suffer from slow man, which is bad for titans, war attack, war defense, raid attack, raid defense. It is okay for Rare Ascension Item Quests, but not great. You go through a lot of mana potions.

They also lack good synergy/ compatibility. Example: Wu Kong, Melendor, Grimm, Scarlett, Sabina all work well together because Wu Kong increases board damage by x1.9 and all five heroes have high attack stat for maximum board damage.

But Azar’s DOT isn’t improved by Isarnia’s defense debuff. Vivica’s defense buff and Justice’s blindness reduces or prevents Elena’s reflection of damage.

Their effects can be healed, cleansed or dispelled.

Personally Obakan is my favorite. He is so versatile.

-Fast mana speed is king in Empires.

-Splash damage useful for Rare Ascension Item quests, war attack, war defense, raid attack, raid defense.

-Reflect damage tertiary effect very useful because of time limit imposed by Revenge bar ( extra damage without matching tiles or using mana, similar to minions ) and 90 seconds of terror known as the titan timer. With low defense stat for a reflect damage hero, does more damage on reflection, but needs healer support.

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For Dark I would add Domitia with her buff upgrade she’s worthy in my opinion.




Dissagree, you need tile damage not special skills



On 23.10.2017 three new heroes were introduced.
Obakan, Domitia and Khagan.


Domitia is much more valuable now, with this newest buff. Her dispel is great against Guinevere and Ares, the two best tanks in the game.


I got lianna from training camp. The sad thing is I used my ascension items to power up caedmon and kashrek.
I need 12 shields to max her out O_O

This is the consensus. I think fast mana is overrated.

Fast mana is always better than slow mana, yes, but the value of a special charging earlier than it otherwise would have can easily be swamped by the nature of the special itself, by durability, even by a marked difference in tile damage. I’m far more comfortable facing a team of fast charging sniper defenders, for example, than slow charging AoE heroes. And on my attack team I’d rather have slow charging snipers than fast charging AoE attackers (though happily I needn’t make that sacrifice, fast snipers being widely available).

Fast mana has added importance in Titan battles, I agree, but considerably reduced importance in war defence, where durability is more important than charging the special in a hurry. And if, when the special finally does go off, it further increases the defenders’ chance to survive? (I’m thinking about Justice and Horghall.) Very kewl.


Thats so true.
Many fast mana heroes are dangerous only if they shot twice in raids, while some AoE only one.
But 2 fast shots means 16 tiles, while a single slow 12. It’s hilarious then some “slow” heroes are effectly dangerous faster then a fast mana hero.
This thing may reverse only when we have a huge difference in troops, and fast mana heroes can 1 shot an opponent, or his/her skill is really effective (like Zeline).

On titans i still prefer tile damage, cause a bunch of items (lower or higher) can help even a glass cannon like Jackal survive even against a 10*.

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4* heroes I am well supplied with, what are the best 5* tile damage?

What is the 5* version of Wu Kong ?

Thanks for pointing out. Clearly I need more coffee! :slight_smile:

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That would be king Kong.


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