Best 4 star and 5 star heroes

Can someone give me a picture or a list of the best 4 star and 5 star heroes. Please

That is hugely subjective.

I would suggest using guides by @anchor and @Razor as a place to start


Best 4* :

  1. wilbur, boldtusk, tiburtus costume, kiril, hansel, buddy
  2. grimm, tiburtus, peters, wu kong, rigard, merlin, proteus, gretel

Best 5* :

  1. gravemaker, gazelle, black knight, ursena, zeline, finley

  2. jabberwock, alasie, alice, frida, vela, alberich, yunan, evelyn, kingston, lianna costume, mother north, vivica costume, joon costume, drake fong, hel, guardian panther, kageburado, kunchen, seshat, master lepus

  3. all others fast snipers, ares, zimkitha, santa claus, athena, misandra, ariel, isarnia, lady of the lake, delilah, white rabit

my proteus freezes you. And poisons too.

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Proteus must be the best 4* Wilbur at second

Jackal is missing he has to be in the 4s…
Also rigard costume has to be on top 1 of the 4*
In my opinion…


ares is not a fast sniper ,!

I’m almost certain you placed Proteus on tier two among 4* heroes by accident. Proteus is most likely the most useful 4* hero available. I won’t get into explaining why, but there are several threads on the forum where you will find detailed info on the subject. You also placed Rigard (who also has a costume) in tier two… that’s also not quite accurate, but I guess people are subjective and got their own preferences.


Best 4*

Caedmon, melendor, peters, Buddy and Hansel

Grimm, Sonya costume , kiril


Guardian Falcon, wilbur, boldtusk


Proteus , tiburtus, Rigard


Wu Kong , jackal , gretel

I wrote that down somewhere before, but it was ages ago and it is possibly outdated. I will detail 4* more because I don’t have that many 5*. So again:

Red Classic:

  • Boldtusk, hands down. If you have his alt don’t use it, but bonus is very valuable (maxed fully emblemed BT with costume bonus has 780 Power, on par with current fully leveled HoTM). However his alt turns him into a Monk, which means you can use him on certain class quest where very few healers are available.

Red Special

  • Guardian Falcon is good tank and has unique fire defense reduction skill.
  • Wilbur of course, raises survivability of your team well beyond what would be normally possible.

Purple Classic

  • Rigard, and if you have his costume use it. He turns him into mix of himself and Boldtusk. Not to mention that bonus.
  • Tiburtus with his costume. He looks rad and debuffs defense of all opponent team.

Purple Other

  • Proteus is mostly a win button on any final stage with 3 bosses.
  • Merlin is fun to use and his special is very useful if there is only one powerful enemy.
  • Cheshire Cat has unique mechanic and is extremely useful against yellow titans for the defense reduction, and if you’re lucky, that Ares in middle gets replaced with Magni, exposing opponent’s team

Yellow Classic

  • Wu Kong, unless and until one gets Miki. Ups the damage against titan. Does not go well with debuffers and such, however, because they tend to miss even with non-damaging moves, such as Wilbur.

Yellow Other

  • Guardian Jackal, is very fast and hits like a truck. Also has holy defense down, so very useful against titans.
  • Gretel especially if you don’t have Hansel or can’t use him.

Green Classic

  • Melendor with his costume. Besides the costume bonus, he has much saner stat distribution and is not such glass cannon (why is healer glass cannon in the first place?). He also greatly raises defense with his costume.
  • Caedmon, the well-rounder and fast attacker with dispel.

Green Other

  • Hansel hands down. On offense he can turn the tide of battle.
  • Peters, if you don’t have Hansel.

Blue Classic

  • Kiril, a walking dragon banner with heal.
  • Sonya, more defensive version of Caedmon, and if you have her costume, she becomes one of few 4* with cleanse.

Vivica, by virtue of being single classic 5* healer. All fast snipers, ie. Marjana, Magni, Lianna, Joon, Sartana, are great options. Elena is fine if you don’t have anyone with counter attack and it won me a war quite a few times.

Ariel, Kageburado, Mitsuko, Poseidon … in fact most of Atlantis not named Mok-Arr and Atomos. From past HoTM it’s notably Alberich, Gravemaker. Miki for titans. All of seasonal 5* are great imho, maybe except Master Lepus.


Personally, I think every hero can be good in their own right, and it’s more about building synergy, stacking and working with what you’ve got - than anything else. But obviously some heroes help with [all of] that more than others…

So for me, those heroes would be:

4* Red:

  1. Wilbur
  2. Guardian Falcon
  3. Boldtusk
  4. Scarlett

4* Blue:

  1. Kiril
  2. Grimm
  3. Triton
  4. Sonya Costume

4* Green:

  1. Hansel
  2. Melendor Costume
  3. Peters
  4. Buddy

4* Yellow:

  1. Guardian Jackal
  2. Gretel
  3. Wu Kong

4* Purple:

  1. Proteus
  2. Rigard Costume
  3. Rigard
  4. Merlin
  5. Gafar
  6. Tiburtus (+ costume)

5* Red:

  1. Gravemaker
  2. Black Knight
  3. Zimkitha
  4. Puss in Boots
  5. Marjana
  6. Jean François
  7. Ares
  8. Queen of Hearts
  9. Grazul
  10. Mitsuko
  11. Santa Claus
  12. Natalya

5* Blue:

  1. Finley
  2. Alice
  3. Ariel
  4. Athena
  5. Alasie
  6. Miki
  7. Frida
  8. King Arthur
  9. Master Lepus
  10. Magni
  11. Vela
  12. Aegir
  13. Snow White

5* Green:

  1. Zeline
  2. Alberich
  3. Mother North
  4. Evelyn
  5. Kingston
  6. Lianna Costume
  7. Lianna
  8. Tarlak
  9. Lady of the Lake
  10. Gregorion
  11. The Hatter
  12. Yunan

5* Yellow:

  1. Drake Fong
  2. White Rabbit
  3. Vivica Costume
  4. Joon (+ costume)
  5. Poseidon
  6. Delilah
  7. Guardian Gazelle
  8. Inari
  9. Onatel
  10. Guinevere
  11. Vivica
  12. Rana
  13. Ranvir

5* Purple:

  1. Hel
  2. Guardian Panther
  3. Kageburado
  4. Seshat
  5. Ursena
  6. Kunchen
  7. Jabberwock
  8. Sartana
  9. Aeron
  10. Victor
  11. Khiona
  12. Marie Thérèse

It’s really hard to do, as some heroes are the best at what they do (ie tanking like Guin, Aegir, Yunan, etc.) but pretty much suck everywhere else [in comparison]. So for me, I ordered these based on overall usability and versatility first, then tried to put in some heroes that are considered “best” in only a specific area near the bottom, as less versatility = less great (imo)



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Yes I know, he’s not a sniper.

It is a list. All fast snipers And ares zim…

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