Best 4* only defence for raids & war

Well, the idea is simple and its just a discussion starter: Create the best possible defence for raids and war using only 4* heroes, considering emblems also.

A thread of interest from earlier.

Just one players thoughts on the same (or similar) topic


Personally this is my off the cuff thoughts:

Sonya costume, Wilbur, buddy, Li Xiu costume, Rigard costume

Sonya costume for sniping & team cleanse
Wilbur for his annoyance
Buddy for the general attack and defence down
Li Xiu for the mana control (costume for the rogue talent)
Rigsrd costume for a healer and an attack buffer.

All assuming +20 talents too Naturally

On war, my team remains untouched, but is a intermediate alliance:
Talent on 20:

Health wars: Li Xiu - Sonya - Gadeirus - Boldtusk - Proteus
Damage wars: Boldtusk - Sonya - Li Xiu - Proteus - Caedmon
Attack bonus wars: Li Xiu - Sonya - Boldtusk - Proteus - Caedmon

LJ with Proteus on the right side is a good bet also.
Kiril on the left side and Colen on the right always survived, they kill the 3 center heroes, but Kiril (14) and Colen (14) remains alive.

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