Best 4* Green/Purple Combination

Hi all, I’m looking for advice on building out my ideal general purpose 4 star team. I’ve decided on the following: Grimm, Boldtusk, and Wu Kong. I like Grimm the best of the defense down trio and Boldtusk a bit more than Kiril. I might consider swapping in Jackal for Wu if I ever get him, but right now I’m pretty happy with the little monkey man.

I’m having a bit more difficulty figuring out my nature and dark heroes. Right now, I only have Melendor and Cyprian, but am close to having a TC20 up and running. I’m also a moderate payer, so I’m willing to spend a bit for event heroes.

I am mostly interested in events, raiding, and titans. Defense and wars aren’t as important to me. I like using a major healer in addition to Boldtusk and I also like having a debuffer.

Here are the combinations I’m thinking of:

  1. Melendor/Merlin
  2. Cabin Boy Peters/Sabina
  3. Hansel/Sabina
  4. Caedmon/Rigard

Thoughts anyone? Melendor and Sabina are almost identical, so no real difference there. I realize that Hansel is in beta. What do people think of him so far relative to CBP and Caedmon?


I’m partial to the last combination, but perhaps it is bc I don’t own Merlin. Rigard, imo, is one of the best healers in the game, as his special scrubs ALL status effects afflicting your heroes. Caedmon gives you the all-important debuffer to take away enemy attribute boosts. That’s my two cents…have a nice day :grinning:


It’s four different teams:events, offense, defense, titans.
I don’t recommend to use Wu in defense. You can use him in offence, if you haven’t got others yellow. He good for titans and events.

BT and Grimm us ok for all teams.

Melenfor and Sabina have good attack and good healing, bad hp/def. They good for titans, offence. Ok for event. Bad for defence.

Rigard: good hp/def, good healing, bad attack. He good for defense, ok got events, bad for offence, titans.

Caedmon, Hansel, Peters all good snipers. Hansel, Peters have good attack and MP control. Good for titan, event, offence. Caedmon good hp/def. Ok for all.

Merlin not bad sniper. Ok for offense, events.

Edited: I recommend to ascend all of them except Merlin

I run Cabin Boy Peters together with Merlin a lot, and they work really well for raids, events, and titans. Since you already have Boltusk I wouldn’t rush for another healer immediately, thought I’d level Rigard first out of those 3.

Thank you all for the help. I never really thought about running CBP and Merlin together without the second healer because Grimm and Wu Kong can be so squishy. I’ll have to try that out though if I ever get both. I suppose the silencing and mana control could prevent enough damage to make the extra healer redundant if I use them strategically.