Best 4* Defence Team

Hi all. What would be the best 4* defence team and in what order. Thanks in advance.

Here’s another one full of advice and opinions.

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Had Gafar and Jabbar…sand heros : pretty good

Jabbar is pretty squishy. I regularly kill him with a 2 2 1 red blue purple team. Rigard trivializes him

Kashrek or Boril are probably the best 4* tanks. Should be flanked with either 2 healers or 1 healer and a “hit everyone hard” slow special like little John or Colen. Should have at least 1 dispell and or debuff hero so for dispell you’d be choosing between Caedmon/Sonya (fast hit and dispell) or Melendor/Sabina (heal and dispell) and for debuff the ramming pulverizer trio of tiburtus, gormek, Grimm. Buffs are nice and there are healers that combine them like kiril gives you a heal and a dragon banner or boldtusk heals and gives big attack buff. Mana control is valuable, I don’t like chao very much but li xiu or little John are good.

I agree with Kashrek, He’s really good and trivializes fire hero specials that do fire damage. Boril is a bit flimsy and I never found him a problem.

Boril has a huge defense stat with solid HP. He’s guaranteed to get riposte off a couple times. Normally once he gets it off the first time it pretty much stays up the rest of the match. I have a bunch of dispell heroes and I still won’t raid Boril tanks if the whole team is maxed.

Rigard - Hansel - Wilbur - Proteus - Li Xiu

If I could pick any, this was the first one I thought of.

I have gone with Gretel over Li.

But, since the subject is a def team, Li works.

To me this is the hardest team you could face.
Sonya could be replaced if you feel uneasy without a healer:

Everybody told me Wilbur isn’t a good tank, I’m using boldtusk instead now. Is Wilbur a good tank in your example in large part because of the mana control?

A fast AoE striker after the team get -44% DEF is deadly and yes, the mana control sure helps Wilbur, letting his buffs to stay longer.

Good night my friend, Wilbur with his special does not become vulnerable in the Defense team, if the opponent uses a Kiril + Tibs for example after Wilbur? and Sonya will not turn off link spirit? I have Wilbur and I am very curious about this hero.

My question with your team formation is related where WIlbur would look better in defense or attack?

tks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here we were talking about the best team we could have with 4* heroes and if I had Wilbur it would become a staple for my attacking teams for sure! (he is crazy good and 7DD just changed his rating. He always were an A+ hero IMHO)

About your questions…
It wouldn’t have place in my actual defending team: I use Gravemaker and Its all true: Kiril could reverse his DEF debuff and Tiburtus could remove his DEF buff, while Sonya could easily remove all of his buffs. But this would happens only after he would have casted his special.

What I’m going to say here? That every tank become a “bad tank” when he dies before casting his special and while this could happens it usually fire at least once.
The best route for attackers would be to kill the tank as fast as they can and or to counter his special once the tank is about to cast… but!

Grimm have low defense
Sonya deals low damage
Kiril is… nah, Kiril is just perfect :beers:

If they manage to kill Wilbur with their tiles and specials this defense will have harder times for sure but with mana effects and fast AoE hits it couldn0t be impossible for the attacker to lose.

While if Wilbur would successfully cast then the rabbit would likely fire his reckless slash, due to their synergizing speeds (average tank and fast right-flank) making the attacking raid almost impossible to win.


I found Wilbur’s impressive skill. Thanks for the information I learned a little more from WIlbur :slightly_smiling_face:

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I personally would take boldtusk at tank over wilbur.

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Last raid tournament had 6 out of 10 Boril tanked teams in top 10… My defense had a 48 to 22 win ratio out of 70 attacks ( Caedmon+12, Kelile+14, Boril+11, Wilbur+9, Chao+10 ) Boril has 810 defense, which is more than most emblemed 5* curently have…

Depends on emblems and arrangement as well. Some characters, like Boril, get much better with them (when I’m done, mine will have a starting 900 defense with a troop boosting it over 1000). I’ve noticed Boril in front of two reds causes opposing raid tourney team’s issues, so I’ve left it at that though I could make a higher team power.

Or if you had something like a tank with two fast snipers, you may cause an issue regularly as well (say Kash as tank with two Sonya’s next to him and it’s going to hurt the other side).

It just depends on how things are working together a lot of the time.

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