Best 3* team for event

Hi there! :wink:
I need your help guys. I want to uptade my 3* team to next event.

Is this team ready for that? What do you think about it?

Green - Issthak 50 lvl
Blue - Gunnar/Karil ? Both of them 50 lvl
Red - Hawkmoon 50 lvl
Purple - Tyrum/Priska ? Both of them 50 lvl
Yellow - Bane 50 lvl

I’m waiting for your reply :wink:

4 out of 5 exactly like my 3* team will be. With Tyrum then, no Prisca. I still have to get me a 3* Blue as I tossed those out a while ago, when I got 5* Perseus and 4* blues.

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You don’t have much choice for this event (or no choice at all) but it’s a good team that can finish beginner with no problem.

But if you want to compete for top positions, i’m afraid that you need more heroes.

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@Elpis What do you mean by saying that i need more heroes? Should i changing heroes at battles? If yes, why?

Sometimes yes, sometimes nope.
Every stage has his own characteristics, as long as every raid has his own heroes.
Assuming that the best team for every stage is always the same is just wrong.

So you need more heroes to switch them when you need.


Okay got it :wink: Thanks so much guys

i heard the upcoming event has blue reflection, that means using blue wil do more damage than helping. better bring lots of green n little red

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Brienne - Belith - Nashgar - Bane - Balthazaar/Tyrium

Would probably be best for this event


Red - Hawkmoon
Blue - Gunnar / Ulmer
Green - Brienne
Purple - Balthazar
Yellow - Kailani / Bane

To not use a color if ther’s a reflective color monster.

I’d recommend logging the order of bosses - inevitably there’s always one that is weak to the reflect color (i.e. Panther last time vs. Yellow which reflected) at least twice. When you replay consider bringing the reflect color on those levels - I was able to better my score by beating those bosses faster.

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DThis event has lots of purple, green and blue foes, and all the blues reflect (every point of damage you do to the foe you do to yourself). So green and yellow heroes are the strongest choice.

If you have the bench, you should absolutely change your team round to round. Against Guinevere I’ll bring double purple, but against Merlin I’ll double yellow. Your alliance should compile a chart of what’s on each level so you all don’t waste flags bringing bad teams the first time through. Blue is generally a weak choice, though, unless paired with a good healer.

I still don’t have Brienne. :scream_cat:

Is there a post (that I missed?) that provides information on the event? Is there also one on alliance war?

Some of us are beta players, and we are testing right now the event and new heroes.

Thats why there’s people who knows the colors involved on the event.

I suspected that :slight_smile: but more info are welcome.

It was a nice leak from a beta tester :slight_smile:

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The most recent info on Alliance Wars was from November, in the Shortlist.

I’m eagerly awaiting the next word! :wink:

Do you know guys when event starts?

I guess thursday on 12.00 and last until sunday duh… 8.00 p.m. ?
As always.

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