Best 2* Rainbow Group?

For giggles, I want to put together a 2* rainbow team for offense and defence. I want to see how far I can get with it in PvE and PvP. Assuming I fully max them out, what are people’s thoughts on the best team? I was considering:

Layla (Sniper/Poison) - Sha Ji (Healer) - Olaf (Tank) - Farid (AoE) - Needler (Sniper)

Anyway, it could be fun, and pretty simple to max out quickly. Thoughts?

Being a fairly new player who has encountered each of these heroes on the regular (and used most of them), I can say:

Any team with a fully ascended Sha Ji + Olaf could actually frustrate some 3* teams. Ad Layla into the mix and unless the opposing team is also fully ascended… well, yeah, you’ve probably won right there.

I’m not rightfully sure of the Fire or Nature side of things… I got lucky in picking up Berden and Azar pretty quickly from my Daily Summon, so I don’t have experience running with the 2* versions at all.

Personally I think I would prefer Jill (I think that’s her name) over Farid for the red slot due to her attack buff, but otherwise it looks like a solid team.

==Raiding ==

Layla (Sniper/Poison) - Fast mana speed and DOT ignores defense stat.

Sha Ji (Healer) - only 2* healer

Needler (Sniper) - fast mana speed

+48% attack for 4 turns two different colors so will fill mana bar different rates:


You are going to be doing minion level damage so the attack boosts will get you into 3* hero range.

==Defense ==

Layla ( sniper & DOT)

Tackle ( Splash damage)

Nash ( fast sniper with attack debuff )

Ragnhild ( attack all )

Fast mana speed, Splash damage and attack all are going to help with the A.I. Random targeting. Healing and attack buff wasted since A.I. Triggers when full mana bar so go for Splash damage.

Please let us know how it goes, especially when the Class update comes out.