Besides Ares, what's the toughest tank to deal with in your opinion?



Curious to hear your thoughts!


A defence debuffer cause then u get slammed

And Colen


Justice among the 5-stars, Hu Tao among the fours.


This, and Gormek (4*).


I think I’d also have to say Justice.


Little John is one I skip in Raids most of the time


Ares doesn’t bother me. I run Sonya and Melendor. He can’t stay buffed and Sonya knocks him out with 1 punch after he gets hit with some blue tiles and fires his special.


For some reason that beer swilling healer always ruins my day.


Perseus makes Ares a complete joke, infact he decimates all healer teams. The more the merrier!


Justice and i guess Richard among 5*
Gormek and Xiu 4*


Alberich can really ruin your game if he manages to cast and you don’t have offensive dispellers. Luckily he is slow and kinda weak. And his ressing doesn’t help at all as tank.


Sometimes that Boril JUST. WON’T. DIE.


Avi - you probably want to have people clarify at what level. i.e. at 2300-2500 cups, Gormek or Hu Tao is a slight speed bump.


Hel, she can stop mana for 3 heroes before you have a chance to build up.
If AI hits the right ones game can be pretty much over for me.


Hel is pretty awful. I try to avoid her if she’s powered up. If she hits the right folks, it’s easy to get decimated. :confused: