Bertila vs Hatter?

Who should get the Tonics?

My other fully levelled greens are:
Telluria +18
Alberich +18
Lianna +18
Frigg +13
Morgan Le Fay

Who is the better hero to fill out my green teams?

Hatter. He is the 5th strongest hit 3/splash damage hero in game and the only green in the top 10 for hit 3/splash damage. Also comes with decent utility if the enemy has buffs up at the time.


The Hatter, without a doubt. There aren’t so many 5* dispellers and he can be really helpful in enemy teams with so many buffers.

PS. I can’t be objective with the Hatter, as he was the first 5* hero that I got from a monthly event and he’s one of my favourites. :sweat_smile:


The Hatter is great. High damage and watching him steals krampus taunt is priceless…

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One problem with hatter is he can steal taunt and put it on a weak hero on your team, basically guaranteeing they get killed. Double-edged sword lol


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