Bertila or Zocc?

I managed to bring Zocc to 3.70 just in time to pull Bertila. And now I’m not sure what to do: leave Zocc and work on Bertila? Or just give tonics to Zocc? I also have Morgan le Fay at 1.1 but I don’t feel she’s worthy the materials. Same for Horgall, but I have no doubt of keeping him at 1.1. Elkannen is at 3.70 for ages.
Maxed greens I’ve got: Tarlak, C.Kadilen, lianna, evelyn and Margaret.
Two lianna and one evelyn at 1.1 are there for the years to come :laughing:
Any Suggestion?

I’m similarly debating Bertila. If it’s between her and Zocc, I would choose her all the way. I think she’s solid, even if she gets flak for being slow. She’s a fighter too, and you have no Green fighters. I think she will especially shine in very fast tournaments and wars, whereas Zocc does not. Tarlak, Evelyn and Bertila would smash the ranks. Best of luck deciding.


What?? Zocc is fantastic on rush attack.

Slow vs average down to 9 tiles with a mana troop 17 and 8 emblems. I think there is no debate between them. Bertilla is not even game changing while zocc can be very clutch.

That being said I would probably level a second evelyne though.

Personally I’d do mlf have 2 zocc n a bertila in no rush to level either maybe zocc out the two. but depends on your game style.

I guess everyone has a different opinion and play style, but I think Bertila would clean house on rush over Zocc.


I still have Zocc & MLF at 3-70 also. No Bertila though. Tough decisions especially if you have so many 5* heroes

I was having similar problem. But I have Peters and Hansel who while slow are faster than Zocc and he has that mana boost so if he fails to apply mindless you just gave mana to your opponent. I met few Zoccs on defense and with Vanda (aand now Grazul I just pulled) charged in time you just have free mana from him at a cost of bit of damage.

Bertilla meanwhile has a powerful special skill, is sturdy to live long enough to see it fired and her skill has great synergy with her innate ability. Also, as a fighter she can survive finishing hit if talented, which may be decisive if she’s fully charged at that moment. She also can’t be blinded, while Zocc has an immunity against DoT that is used by a single heroine. The removal of atk-def-down effects is just cherry on a top.

I went with Bertilla, and if you have good mana controllers (those two mentioned on top, Merlin, Proteus, Hel …) then probably you should too.

I don’t have Bertila - I do want her. I do have Zocc and have used him extensively since getting him.

For rush tourney Bertila will be better.

For anything else - PVP to PVE - I believe Zocc is more useful.

I am trying to go rainbow or close to rainbow and Zocc always comes along as my green representative. At 8 emblems and with level 17 troop he charges in 9 tiles which makes him fast enough for most things. I use him to shut down the most dangerous enemy at any given point in time, and he does a great job of this. Yes there are some heroes where there will be a 30% chance of it failing - but those are usually not the heroes targetted. I would typically target a Finley, a Killhare, a Frigg, a ninja on tier 2 or above, or a slow but powerful hero that is about to go off like Alby/MN, Elena, C Viv, etc. Even if the damage is blocked (e.g. Frigg) the mindless attack does take hold.

He is also particjularly useful againts blue titans where he soaks up multiple titan turns and takes out the special, as well as causing roughly 400 for the hit and 1000 for the titan self-hit.

I don’t know how he compares to Hansel exactly, but I don’t have Hansel - and in my roster he is my favourite mana controller (more so than Proteus)

Here are a few vids with my Noor/Myzero/Lady Loki/C Rig/Zocc team

Thanks everyone. I think I’ll go with zocc for variety. I use mana controllers very little, he shouldn’t interfere wih them.

Bertila will be next (unless I get some exceptional green hero in the future :laughing:)

I would have said that bertila is way better but if you already decided then im a bit late. I dont have Zocc but i didnt summon for him as i dont consider him a good hero at all. He cannot attack clerics and monks he has a lot of hard counters like Garnet, Malosi, Vanda or Grazul and if his mindless attack is out of the picture he basically helps the enemy team.

In my experience you rarely target clerics and monks - you often target the really heavy hitting heroes like killhare, finley, blue and purple ninja, etc. And if there is no choice but to attack a cleric or monk? Well, 70% chance that the gamble will pay off.

For strategic players he is a powerful tool to add to the aresenal


Sometimes you even want to attack a cleric or monk so they fire early, for example to waste a heal or to trigger an effect such as JF’s defence flip. Controlling doesn’t always mean preventing.

He is a gimmick hero whose gimmick doesnt even work all the time. Yeah he can be useful in some situations but he has way too many downsides, and the potential to actually help the enemy team isnt helping. Whenever i found Zocc on defense i hit him with Malosi, or activate Vanda and bamm, free mana, thx Zocc. I know you will say he is not for defense but still those cases where you win because of him kinda equals those when you get destroyed because his gimmick didnt work. He has a crippling downside like Mok-arr, if he didnt have that then he would be kinda ok, but this way i wouldnt bring a liability to battle.

That is absolutely incorrect. Losing because of the downside of his special would be 5% of the time… at a stretch. On the flip side winning is often substantially helped by using him strategically

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I compare Zocc to Hansel, but not quite as good. Sure his stats are better, but his special is not, imo. In rush war/tournaments a mana controller is helpful, there is no question. But would you rather a Hansel like hero that effects 1 (with a chance to miss on cleric/monks) or a hero with Killhare-like damage to all? Between the two, for me, I know which I would choose.

Rush attacks are not as much about finesse as they are about dealing mass amounts of damage quickly. If you don’t get the green tiles to charge Zocc fast enough to stop that one deadly hero, let’s say Killhare or Finley, then his special isn’t really going to save you at that point. But but if Finley or Killhare fire and Bertila is still standing with her special active, you can certainly turn the tide of the match. In fact, with Killhare’s -20% to her team, Bertila would likely level the playing field.

Sigh, I’m in the process of making this choice too, having 5 tonics.

Bertila is probably the stronger hero overall, but her synergy with my other green heroes for mono attacking isn’t very good. I already have Telluria’s minions sometimes kicking off Lady of the Lake’s super swords, I’d hate to see them further diluted by Bertila’s weak ones. By herself, weak minions are good because it speeds her mana along, it’s just not good synergy and I have a whole team to consider.

Also, I have many Rogue emblems and few fighters.

But Zocc’s mana control isn’t as cool, in my mind, as all the neat things Bertila does. She’s a real power house. I’m very torn.

I love Zocc.
I’m writing this before I read everyone else’s comments.

Haughty people say he’s too slow, but he’s wonderful against titans and has saved me. He’s +20 on my roster and I will only change that if I get Marj-C (I’ll never get Marj-C).

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Her power is REALLY cool.
Her speed is a major drawback.

I am not wasting 20 talent levels and my 23 troop on her to see if she’s worth it. Yunan has my Fighter emblems and she doesn’t have any potential as a tank.
She’s placed behind Eve4 for tonics. OK I lied. She’s ranked thusly:

  1. Eve2
  2. Zocc2
  3. Berilia – For novelty only.
  4. Eve 3
  5. Eve 4

Fighter class is one of the best classes - alongside rogue class. Both allow for a very decent chance at extra survivability. I actually think rogue is better for that as fighter class revive can be very annoying but in a lot of situations the 1 remaining HP will not save the hero beyond 1-3 turns - an off-color tile is enough to finish them, or a minion peck, or a remaining DOT… on the other hand a rogue fully evading a 1000+HP snipe however will walk away unscathed…


I got C.Marjana in the latest masquerade event (I know, I’m lucky :smile:) but I can’t understand how they overlap.
Why would you put Zocc aside in favour of C.Marjana?

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