Bertila, Lianna, Ratatoskr

Have enough mats to level one of the following.

Bertila, Lianna, Ratatoskr

Current 5* Healer is Delilah and I have a Telluria (18 emblems). I could use monk emblems on Ratatoskr (or put them into Joon or Jabberwock). Other maxxed Greens Elkanan, Kingston.

Lianna could get ranger emblems (I have a lot and not many rangers - Neith). No costume as yet. But I have Kingston as a green sniper (3 emblems - lots of fighters competing over these).

Last is Bertila - not likely to get Emblems (Delilah, Fenrir, Magni and Kingston are fighting over those).

Also have a Horghall that I could level but have discounted him.

My thoughts
Is Ratatoskr an upgrade on Telluria as an attacking tank/healer - could then replace Delilah with Joon in Rainbow team?
Is emblemmed Lianna with no costume better than Kingston as a sniper (have lots of snipers - Magni, Fenrir, Joon , Jabberwock but none who are heavily emblemed yet)
Bertila would get use on a farming team might struggle for action due to lack of emblems - she looks cool though and if she goes off.

Current Rainbow team by colour in order of frequency use
Ursenna, Domitia (with costume bonus for dispel), Jarrberwock, Grimble
Telluria, Kingson, Elkanen (with costume bonus)
Cosumed Azlar (emblemmed), Marjana, Anzogh
Fenrir, Magni, Richard, King Arthur, Thorne

Suggestions welcome…

I had a similar choice on who to level first with pulling both Bertilla and Ratatoskr together and already having a leveled Lianna.

Kingston and Lianna were both on my green team together (with an Evelyn and Telluria) up until I started leveling up Bertilla (now at 4:10) and now I run Bertilla over Lianna. Bertilla adds more utility with a minion (HP shield basically) and a pretty strong hit to all targets. In the past it felt like I was slowly picking off targets with double snipers, sometimes overkilling a target with less than 200hp left with the second sniper hit, but now I rarely need a second round of snipers and close out in just one more match with Bertilla sweeping it all up.

I feel like Bertilla added some extra power to my green 4:1 where Lianna “worked” but was not the best tool for every job I now have a more rounded out team. Unfortunately this means I use Lianna a lot less as a side effect.

My goal for Ratatoskr is to do right after Bertilla to round out some titan damage and have another strong 5* healer for war. Currently Telluria still does a fine job as a raid/war healer in my Green teams, so if you already have one then its just more green heals. I am sure the shield enhance can help in raids too, but I see it as a big deal for titans more, where you send more tiles up screen a lot faster.

Forgot that I also have zocc

I don’t think he figures in this equation but if anyone things differently it would be good to know