Bertila – 5* Nature/ Green - January 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I got twice also, both times on first pulls

I just tried it out but unfortunately I forgot to make Screenshots.
Bertila is throwing back the elemental Def. back as for any other hero sich as Evelyn.
Biggest problem for me is that she is slow.
With all the S3 and Ninja heroes on the field Bertila is meh.
She seems to be more for wars and raids but depending strongly (green stack) on your roster.
I am saving my mats for another hero. Beeing slow and throwing only att/Def debuff back to enemy she is not worth to max at the moment.

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Sorry this isn’t strictly Bert related but can anyone confirm the UTC time the HOTM switches over?

It tells you when HOTM expires on summons portal , easy to figure out

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I met her in war right now. Her special took half of my entire’s team HP and then she revived twice. And she was not even emblemed towards attack. One more revive and she alone would finish me. I won but with correct support team she can be brutal. Her stats are high enough to last long enough even when slow.


Bertila is the example of a balanced hero.


She is a fine hero.

Strong attack - check
Decent stats - check
Useful secondary special effect - check


Agree. She can’t win battle be herself only, needs synergy to work properly but is not a liability in team. There are potentially strong builds with her. She’s good. I will fully ascend mine as I lack strong green AoE hitter.


Im leveleing my first (just got 2 more from costumes) now. I plan to use her as flank for Kunchen in very fast tournaments and wars, that combo could be devastating.

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Ultra got 3 of each zHOTM since Zock. I do about 10 to 15 pulls on every event. Got Bertila today with my 3rd pull from costumes. Hubby has also 3 of each since Zock and he makes fewer pulls.

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Funny thing is, with all the multiple copies of the same HOTMs i lucky have drawn, it appears i am not getting Bertilla even I had already summoned 46 times using EHTs early this year just to draw a single xmas hero, 1 pull last Atlantis using Atlantis coins, 7 pulls last Pirates using challenge coins and 23 pulls this masquerade event. Not a single Bertilla. Last year’s summoning using free pulls, i seemed to get multiple copies of the HOTMs even with very very few free pulls.

I blame it on Reuben, who I admire so much when a thread hero made him known as he was a good hero to get to combat the GTV prenerf defenses back then.


Yeah he seemed so good, especially i missed some red heroes back then. Then in november i said nah, he is kinda meh and blew my pulls. Got Lady Loki, Vanda, and Glenda in the process. Got 1 Reuben later anyways. Actually Bertila is my first hotm i have 3 of. I dont pull to hard so thats why i dont have multiples of each. I got a dupe Vela, Clarissa and Raffaele but this is the first time i get 3.

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I hope you dont experience what i had in 2020. Prior to that, the only dupe HOTMs i got on their month of release was only Evelyn. I got 3 GMs, but they were not obtained as HOTM on the month acquired, but as a featured hero in Atlantis in 2019, and in the 1st and 2nd ToLs.

But in 2020, i got 2 Velas, 2 Clarissas, 3 Zoccs, 2 Zulags, 4 Glendas and 5 Reubens. 1 Telly. 1 Jean Francois. And zero Bai Yeong, Raffaele, Noor and most regretably ZERO Malosi.

I got the better ones in 2020. Only missed JF, for some reason, and did not want Noor, Zocc and Zulag so i did not pull for them.

Yeah. But the thing is, i was not really chasing for them, but other good heroes in those event portals in Atlantis, monthly challenge, costume, ToL, ninja, and Valhalla using free pulla. Malosi was one HOTM i wanted to have that a huge chunk of my hoarded Valhalla coins were spent just trying to nab him.

Even though i really dont like Bertilla as I have few other good green legendaries up in the queue for final ascension (MN, Ratatoskr, Locke, Atomos, etc) but i still wish having her.

I dont have MN, but i do have Ratatoskr, Locke and Atomos maxed. I dont really use atomos though, will transfer the emblems from him to Azlar as i pulled his costume. Bertila is the kind of hero who is meh if you want general use heroes, but in a very fast setting, she will be devastating imo, thats why im leveling her up. Just want to see a Kunchen + Bertila wombo combo.


I have already MN on the 4th tier of ascension. My Rat and Atomos were already at 3/70. I am still debating whether to ascend my Rat until he is maxed since he pairs well with my recently maxed Greg obtained last 2018 against blue titans, or work on Locke immediately after MN. I see people raving about Locke so much but I only see her as a green legendary cleanser with insane attack stat as I am not really a fan of DoTs by reason that i prefer heroes that deals direct damage either to kill a target or maim it too much for an easy kill either by tiles or skills of my other heroes. I still have 13 tonics available, originally reserved for Frigg or Kadilen costume if I happen to pull them. I lile Bertilla’s artwork, but i hesitate investing on ascension mats on slow heroes unless they are game changers like my Albe and MN. Any ideas on that dilemma of mine?

If you ask me Im an absolute fan of Locke, especially after Krampus released. I get that you prefer instant damage to DoT, but DoTs have a huge advantage. They are numerical, so regular defensive buffs dont do anything about them, and seeing heroes with 1000 defensive stat, that can be a huge help. My green mono is the following. Almur (sadly i dont have Evelyn), Lianna (with costume bonus), Elkanen, Rat and Locke. I prioritize one side of the enemy team, releasing my hitters (Lianna usually onehits somebody when Almur is applied) while applying Locke on the other side. By the time i get charged again Locke almost kills her targets (usually 2-300 hp remain) if her thing was not cleansed. She has her drawback yeah, but she is a valuable asset to the team. The cleanse is just the icing on the cake. I would definitely do Locke first, then maybe Rat if you are more concerned about your titan score (i dont know what healers you have, i use mostly Ariel or C. Rigard so i only use rat on green stacks). But if you want to do a better team for very fast wars i would try Bertila.

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Interesting. I don’t have Tarlak. But I use Miki. I have been previously struggling to get consistent hits against blue titans as I previously used Evelyn+4, Lianna+7 with MCB, Buddy+18 and 3/70 Greg, who I obtained in 2018 as the HOTM on the month of his release. I just recently maxed Greg, now at +8 with the mana bonus node since I already previously have a level 17 mana troop, and placed Ratatoskr at 3/70 after obtaining Mother North early this month. I have tried Miki, Eve+4, Buddy+18, Greg+8 and 3/70 Rat against the blue titans and the results were astonishing. Maxing the rodent would certainly improve those hits, IMHO. I do recognize Lady Locke’s insane attack stat, but I don’t know where to place her on that titan team as they are irreplaceable, except Buddy but then again, I don’t have Frigg. I still have 13 tonics enough for both Rat and Locke, I don’t think Small Giant is giving me Frigg or Kadilen’s costume. My other greens are: 2nd maxed Lianna costume equipped but w/o emblems, Alberich+19, Telly+20, 2nd Eve at 3/70 (I wanted an Almur so that I can justify not maxing a second Eve), Atomos at 3/70, Elkanen at 3/70, Kadilen at 3/70, Zocc at 3/70, Guardian Chameleon at 3/70, Horghall at 2/51, and an unleveled Jade. So my healers would be MN, Rat, Eve (Element Link), Albe, 2 Melendors with costumes, Kashhrek with costume and Brynhild.

But I still want Bertilla, but she aint going to be used even for VF wars or tourneys. I have enough slow and average heroes that they could still work on those VF events. I only want her for her artwork.

Think this will make a pretty nice team once I get Bertila maxed. Though I think Elena needs some more armour to protect her abs :joy:

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