BERSERKER LURKERS looking for some fun, daily players!



WHERE FREE BEER AND WINE FLOW FROM YOUR GAMING DEVICE AND LLAMAS DISCO DANCE WITH UNICORNS? (Okay, maybe not…but with some imagination, anything is possible.)

Well then come join the fun with the BERSERKER LURKERS!

We are looking for fun, daily players to join our team. We use purple tanks in AWs, and use LINE for discussing war and titan strateegery. 1400 trophies required to join. And if you have an accent, (Southern, Australian, Russian, etc) we won’t hold it against you, promise!

Come check us out!! Due to our successful behavioral modification techniques, NO ONE ON THE TEAM BITES!! (Currently.)


For the good of the order, proud to be a Lurker.

I’m considering switching alliance, around 1800 trophies right now (sometimes I still descend to gold arena though). I may be fit for your alliance, however I got two little questions:
First, is line required? I don’t have an account, I could always create one but I would have to learn how.
Second, are you particular about timing? I use all my flags in war (and won’t have problems with purple tanks). But if you need that all the attaks in war, or all the attaks to titans were made at a particular time, I may not meet the requirements.
Second second question (there is always a secon second question, no?) Are you strict with the results? I mean, I don’t want to deceive anyone, I’m not an amazing player, for six star titans, my damage fluctuates between 19000 and 44000 points per attak (against the same titan, no colour issues) and on war I have never scored 350 points or more.

Hi there! Line is required, and a free app, easy to use. War hits are done in waves, and leadership can help you determine where you’d fit best with your life/work schedule etc. Titan hits aren’t coordinated by time, just asked that you hit when you have flags. The alliance is a growth focused alliance, with some heavy hitters and those who are up-and-coming in the game. Everyone supports each other‘s game performance!

I have created a line account then, my username is also Otherpeter. If you are ok with me, I’m willing to give it a shot and see if I’m fit for your group.
I’ll have to wait a bit though, a war is in course right now, I don’t mind losing the rewards but have three attaks left, and no good targets right now.

Feel free to go to the Alliance and request to join. They’ll get you all set up in Line.

BTW, I moved to a different alliance but wanted to help the team recruit new players. I hope you enjoy playing with the team!

Joined yesterday, already killed a green 9☆ titan. So far, very happy with the people on the alliance. And everyone does attak, I’m gonna cry. I though that was a fairy tale.

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That’s awesome! Grow and thrive with them!

Just to keep live the thread, I t was more or less a month since I joined (I’m already an elder) and I enjoy being in the alliance. The war strategie is easy to follow (that got my worried back when I joined) and 8-9 titans are killed in a regular basis, specially no rare titan scapes the alliance.
The people is very nice, quite talkative fellows, but there is not problem with the more quiet ones like myself. Still purple tank at war.

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We are still recruiting though it is hard with so many competition. Great place to stay if anybody ever reads this comment. :rofl:

@Nalaso here it is. I will rather not answer in the other topic, because it will be impolite.

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