Berden vs Brienne

Sooooo, I’ve been leveling Berden (half way to second ascend now) and I just pulled Brienne. I’ve seen her name come up quite a bit… I’m pretty sure I don’t need two 3* greens … not sure what to do now … any suggestions?

Keep her. Both are excellent three star heroes. You definitely DO need two (actually, more) of each color. For color stacking in raids, for war, and for some events. Finish maxing Berden then level up Brienne.


Thanks, also, as far as red 3* I only have hawkmoon. Her healing power is alright but she seems kind of useless (so far). Is she even worth leveling up? I have Gormek, Qof Hearts, Scarlett and Elena but those are 4s and 5s.

If Hawkmoon is your best healer (meaning, you don’t have any other 3*, 4*, or 5* healers), you will want to max her. Even if you have higher rarity healers, you will want to hang on to her and max her later.

Healers help in every facet of the game. There will come a time where she will save your team, and then you will be glad to have her. :slight_smile:

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I have Rigard and Sabina - I literally don’t do anything without one of them lol… but no other 3 * so I think I’ll chip away at hawkmoon. I’m sorry if I’m annoying but I’m still new and completely overwhelmed when trying to decide about what to do with what hero’s

The question should never be Berden or Brienne - Berden is an excellent 3*. And Brienne makes him and all the others even better. Level them both.

So max Berden and then chip away at maxing Brienne ?

One more while I have you guys here lol
Tyrum, Oberon, Renfield, Bathsazar - (all 3* purple) - Tyrum is level 21, haven’t done anything with anyone else. I have Rigard, Sabina and Tiburtus as 4*s …
What should I do, or where should I focus first ?

Keep the trials in mind too. Berden is a ranger and Brienne a druid, so there will be places where you can’t use one of them.
Since you’re already leveling Berden finish him first.

Brienne is a usefull hero. for a three star, her SP is really good. Can be very usefull everytime.

Thank you very much everyone. A little back story — when I started, not very long ago. I spent a little cash and got me some heroes…not really understanding how training works - I fed a few (as I found out later) really good heroes… one of which was Wu Kong… my thinking was to have the strongest heroes do training (seemed to make sense at the time) anyhow - I’m traumatized! and now I second guess everything :joy:

You will need multiple heroes for each color for special quests and color stacking

Tyrum is the one of only two 3* heroes that can dispel (i.e. remove buffs from enemies). That’s huge, especially in dealing with +def and riposte enemies. Balthazar is the hardest hitting 3* sniper I’ve seen, too. If I can find an excuse to bring him along, I do.

Oberon and Renfeld are pretty meh.

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Brienne is the best 3* in the whole game. I like her even more than most of the 4*. Never do a titan hit without her and Kailani/Gunnar. Best synergy in the game.

With those two working together you can get up to 50K hits on 3-4* titans only by using 3* heroes.

yeah oberon is a joke. renfeld is a joke too. like his style. pouah ! :wink:

I’d say yes. Healers are always in short supply. I still grab a three star healer every now and then in war because when I just have to have a healer and have no other option. Also, as others have mentioned, you’ll want many of these heroes (again, including healers) for the trials.

Lastly, based on your post and team, I’m guessing you don’t have the infrastructure to significantly level a five star hero right now. Those resources would be better utilized on a three star in all likelihood (because you’ll make them field ready faster). The same may be true of your four stars right now. Bottom line, you’re probably doing fine, and should just keep plugging away on your three stars. Good luck!

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