Berden cannot be maxed out

I finished leveling up Berden but he cannot reach the max level. For example, other heroes are 8/8. Berden is still 4/8. I keep feeding him but it is pointless. I decided to level up another one. Same issue. Should I get rid of him?

only need to hit special hability 8/8… is easy when u get lvl 50 in a 3* hero.

You can still increase his special after you have his level maxed. Every 1* of the same color is 10%, 2* is 20% and feeding him a copy of himself is 100% chance to increase the special. I always save enough feeders get to 100% to guarantee an increase


You need to feed him enough at one time to reach 100%. That would take 10 one star green heroes.

That would take him up one level. Keep doing that until he’s finally maxed.

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No need to get rid of Berden. When he is sat at 3/50 but not achieved level 8 special just keep feeding him 10 at a time, same colour feeders

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Keep both Berdens too! Max out their skills and enjoy breezing through Avalon Rare difficulty with both Berdens :slight_smile:


Agreed there. Berden is a 3* Lianna.


It happened to me as well he is definitely the hardest 3 I leveled in playing and I’m maxing the 2nd one now…you just have to keep feeding 5 at a time he will get to lvl 8 ss

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