Bera Spotlight ! - New Valhalla hero highlights [Vid]

I couldn’t wait for an in-depth review to show just how diverse this new hero Bera can be. She is incredibly dynamic and plays extremely well into the new minion meta, once again proving that team composition is everything. Minions open up a whole new world of strategy play, we’re not limited heavy direct damage as a primary strategy. Instead, we can focus on synergies between peripheral special skills such as defense down, attack boosts or riposte paired with an optimum minion madness team to take out any OP defense.

This is nothing but a brief video showing how important she is in the new world of minions. Bera finds the sweet spot of not being 100% a plug-in-play hero but also not so limited as what some consider a niche hero.

Her abilities can be leverage with other existing special skills such as:

  • Damage over time (DoT)
  • High minion defense buffer (20%)
  • High attack minion attack (20%) + further 120% boost when paired with Freya
  • Negate further minion spawns from target

Quick tips:

  • Use Bera to counter heroes such as Telluria and Freya on defense to prevent them from spawning new minions. This removes the hp boost and further attack from the defense. Exposing them to your own onslaught.

  • Bera and Freya are a match made in minion heaven. Use them together whenever possible.

  • Stack Bera with other DoT heroes. The constant DoT from Bera where not huge it still eats away at the defense non-stop. Stacked with other DoTs plus other minion attack and the damage can be HUGE.

  • Add defense down whenever possible, specially when pairing Bera/Freya. Freya’s minion boost + defense down debuff means you can sneak in hundreds of hp damage each turn. It will be enough to finish off several heroes regularly.

  • Given that minions are spawned left to right and the right most minion always being pushed off when new ones are spawned, time your minions right to prioritize and protect Bera’s own minions for perpetual minion prevention as well as damage over time. Try to maintain Bera’s minions sandwiched between other minions for protection. Order of minions matters. Spawn other minions first before Beras to help ensure her minions are always on.

There’s several other nuances that make Bera one of my favorite new heroes, we’ll leave those for another time. Until then. Happy raiding…

- wormwood


Awesome hero review @Wormwood love the content and hero usage/breakdown. Keep the vids coming bro!

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Um sonho (: pra mim,equipes top de linha

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Just farmed her on S2 province 22. One thing about DOT that was easily overlooked by myself is that her poison DOT can literally go on indefinitely like you said. Card says each hit from the moth incurs damage for 3 turns. Now if you manage her minions then every turn those “3 turns” can go on forever! #minioanagement!! Bera is awesome, can’t wait to get a Damascus blade to get her fully ascended!!


Love the video @Wormwood. Just posted on this somewhere else but Bera, or her moth’s rather, become deadlier the less enemy heroes are alive and the more moths you have. In your video around 6:10 mark all of the minions are attacking Joon which accounts for way more than her poison damage. Granted you have counterattack on plus freya to up the minion attack but WOW! If you can keep bera alive (and have freya to boost minion attack), those moth bites, I tell you, are worth more than her poison DOT the fewer enemies are on the board!

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Yes this is very true, excellent point…

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Excellent work showing her in a variety of team compositions. Perfect showing how a hero works, a refreshing visual break and positive tone.

Thank you.

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