Bera or Ludwig

I just got a 6th royal tabard so I can finally ascend another purple 5 star but I’m stuck on who to go with. The two I’m stuck between are Bera and Ludwig. I know both are strong purples and both deserve ascension but I’m not sure who to ascend first. The other 5 star purples I have are Agrafena (fully ascended), Aeron, Domitia, Chakkoszrot, Quintus (with costume) and Obakan.


Tough choice.
If you lack any other taunt hero, which is powerful for wars and defense Lud is just the monster u need, but I don’t really find him intimidating except in rush or terrible boards.
He is too slow in the meta.
Bera on the other is just too good, She is fast, her minions poison the entire enemy, she cuts mana if she dies. Except for a couple of minion counters she can soften up a lot of teams on defense and on offense and her allies can finish the job quickly.
If you limit break her she can be a great tank on wars and in raids.

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Thanks for the help! I don’t have any other taunt hero but I also don’t have a 5 star minion maker (only minion maker (other than Bera) I have is Kvasir). I’m also conscious that Ludwig is quite a new hero and I’m wondering could they perhaps be nerfed sometime in the future? Also, thinking about how you said Ludwig is really only powerful in rush/ terrible boards, I’m still quite new to the game, at level 34 so I don’t think I have a wide enough set of heroes to focus on someone who may only be useful enough in those situations. Would you agree with that?

Ludwig, basically is a beast.
He has 6 rounds of taunt for Special Skills which can be annoying but can be debuffed.

But the main killer skill is all allies get mana boost for 6 turns. Received mana increases each turn until the last turn, when 100% mana is received.

Starting with +16.66% mana in the first turn, and then +33.33 in the second, 50% in the third, 66.66% in the forth, 83.33% in the fifth, and a total 100% full charge in the sixth turn.

So you can fire the nearby allies 3 times without charging mana from tiles but only from what Ludwig boosts.
So 100% mana happens and fire your heroes in the 3rd turn, 5th turn, and the 6th turn.
So if you had strong hitters around him and he fires once, then the allies will guarantee 3 hit in the next 6 rounds if you do not have debuffers ready.
Imagine having a Zeus and Frigg on his flank firing at will and you cant recover.

You need 2 debuffers, one to clear his taunt and then the second effect of mana boost.
So if you do not kill him before he fires, in many cases the game is over. He is equally good on offense for the same reason.

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Interestingly If he is paired with Wolfgang hero card there is a 50% chance his skill cannot be debuffed. Which usually means the fight is over once he fired.

But Minion makers are versatile. Bera is a beast as i mentioned before.

Like u mentioned, if you do not have the right heros to make use of his skill, he doesnt make sense.
Also, He wont be nerfed as he not widely available except the event portal.

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bera, it dominates meta, offensive and defensive. Ludwig dies so easy as he is too slow. his 85% buf acutally removes just 100 dmg from offensive skill. So lame…


I have both. Bera at 80 and Ludwig at 85. Strangely enough, Ludwig is better on offense than defense. He is just too slow on defense, unfortunately. On offense, he is a monster, and I pair him with e.g. Quenell and Octros or Wolfgang for almost non-stop AOE waves of death on map stages.

Bera is nice on defense. BUT. There are several anti-minion and anti-fiend heroes coming out soon which will hit those heroes very hard (490%), so her value on defense may drop.

Personally, I would do Ludwig, as the power he adds to offense is incredible.


This is my dilemma. Ludwig and Bera are at +20 emblems. Also lucked out with my first Ariel and got her costume! I’m wondering how beastly would a costume Ariel flank be to my Ludwig tank. I faced one Ludwig on defense killed him easily but he had costume alby n mothernorth. What looked like a win very easily was not!!

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