Bera or Alfrike?

Hi, a friend of mine is currently wondering what heroe she must level and then maximize. Bera or Alfrike ?
She already has Victor, Seshat and Marie-Thérèse maxed, considering purple heroes only, and none of Bera or Alfrike will be in her raid defensive team right now.

Bera is interesting, since she’s fast and her minions can be a pain in the a*s. But Alfrike is Alfrike. Even though she’s very slow, she’s a monster, and she can shine in very fast wars.

What do you think ? The lady moth or the mega worlds eater ?

Alfrike without a doubt.

Thanks, this is not surprising after all. Alfrike is so impactful that she can’t be left on the bench.

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Except in rush attack wsrs and tournament she is always on the bench for me. Slow and very slow hereos have no places in this meta unfortunately

Heimdall would tell you otherwise.

Anyway, both are good, so you can’t go wrong, but I love Alfrike more than Fenrir does, so my vote goes for her. If she fires the game is almost over. There are counters to her in form of Grazul/Vanda/Garnet as all of them stop Mindless and last one can also negate HP reduction, and Miki is immune to Mindless and can delay her special, but good luck getting any of them.


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