Bera not dying

Bera did not die after being hit by an underwild gem, she remained as a ghost form. This happened while I was doing a friendly raid.

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Seems like an easy thing to do again and or screenshot/video?

Seems to be a visual bug. I tried two friendly raids and got two different results.

Second battle

She stays there as a ghost for a few seconds, then nukes your mana, then dies. (It’s because of her Vanaheim effect.) I don’t know why Mother North would be in that situation, though.

Yes she tuning into ghost i received lot of query videos rigarding this…May be SG will take care of it soon

I used Lepiota on Mother North in that last pic. But the pics above clearly show freya still in ghost form even as it said victory.

Been simar stuff before…

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Raids have been extremely difficult today - unusually so. I’ve noticed a lag in hits and slow moving tiles.

At one point, the opponents hero, Lady Loki shifted into Ghost form and remained that way even though she never “officially died”. After I killed the only other remaining target, the Victory message appeared (I won the match) yet Lady Loki was still standing.

After reading many posts, I stumbled across this:

Aside from the tiles lagging, I’m going to assume I’m having the same problem.

Moderator, feel free to move my post. Thx! :slightly_smiling_face:

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