📯 Bera – New Season 3 Hero – 5* Dark/ Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

What are your choices for purple? Personally, I think Alfrike would be much too frustrating to use on offense. I don’t even like slow heroes and she’s a full match slower.

I’m personally going to max Bera over Ursena, c Domitia, Marie, 2nd Clarissa, Grimble, Khiona, Thoth, Quintus, and Sartana.

If I had a level 23 purple mana troop I would probably do Ursena, but I can always save for her next. All I fight is Tell these days so Bera could make for a fun anti-Tell/anti-minion team.

I have Seshat, Kage and G panther maxed so far and have Clarissa, alfrike, myztero and now bera as options - I have 12 tabbards so can do 2 to round out a mono team of 5s but emblems will be a problem for all of them bar alfrike which is why I’ve been thinking about maxing her, if she can stay alive long enough she slaps but it’s a big if haha

Love the vids btw dude, very helpful :wink:

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Thanks! And it sounds like you’re off to a great start. Now if only I could talk you out of this mono nonsense :joy:

Emblems can be a good way to make a call but I’d personally do Bera and Myztero. He’s got a lot of value in the current game meta. Good luck in your decision though :vulcan_salute:t2:


I have a RIDICULOUS amount of fun using Alfrike on offense since I finished maxing her. I pair her with sif and Freya ( and usually seshat and Delilah). Freyas defense up and minion cushion while everyone else charges. I’ve been getting Alfrike to fire twice per round , even with bad starting boards ( this team has just been crushing it)



I think it also depends on who you have fun playing with. I loved playing w alfrike from the start and so I didn’t hesitate to max her. I only have her at plus 7 emblems and I usually have her w rigard max to keep her alive. If Santa is w me I always try and get a defense down attack before I fire her off so even if she’s charged I’ll hold her off a turn or two to get ultimate damage.



My calcs were not correct because I did not factor the DEFENSE BONUS in.

I just found a +20 Bera on defense with a lvl 30 mana troop and I was taking 102 poison damage per turn, which is HUGE considering you need to cleanse AND kill the minions to fully clear it!

Video will be coming in the next day or two. Ultimately, the defense synergy was wrong, but it’s a great perspective on this new hero.


Can’t wait to hear your insight and full breakdown on Bera!

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Bera is a very funny hero indeed. I’m, using her a lot, even she’s still at 3/70.

On raids, I noticed that Bera is not preventing Freya to activate minions. Is this a bug? I need this to try again and to have some pics, but in theory, shouldn’t Bera prevent Freya to activate minions?

Only if the hero have the ailment but Bera’s minion is a bit random at delivering the ailment.

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You might have figured it out by the end of the vid but what you were missing is the 20% hidden defensive buff, that you’re normally on top of. Thanks for vid of her on defense, I’ve found her to be fun on offense but am struggling just a bit with solid team building around her … just haven’t found her to really be much of an impact in matches so far, but time will tell.


Yeah I did figure it out by the end lol.

The trick is always team composition and I’m not quite sure how I’ll use her yet. Obviously she’s a minion blocker but I think she’d pair with with another DOT hero or two and then some fast finishers

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Not quite, they give 5% more of Noor’s HP than Moths do of Bera’s HP.

Noor has 1314 HP. 25% of that is 328.
Bera has 1369 HP. 20% of that is 273.

That’s 55 HP, or about 16.8% more HP.

If Bera is on the other side, and gets a chance to fire ever, yeah, it kinda does.

There’s something like a 78% chance that if Bera fires once, both Noor’s special and innate ability will be completely useless for 3 full rounds after you’ve completely eliminated the Moth infestation.

…they don’t die that fast. They’re the 2nd beefiest minions in the game, second only to Noor’s. A selection of minion HPs (based on maxed base stats, no troops, no emblems):

  • Noor: 328.5
  • Bera: 273.8
  • Thoth-Amun: 272.2
  • Freya: 267.8
  • QoH: 247.2
  • Seshat: 242.1
  • Red Hood: 189.42
  • Telly: 185.25
  • Inari: 104.96

That’s something that would make her a lot less of an insult to Noor, certainly.


Good points well made.

I maxed out Bera. I also have Freya and Puss in Boots maxed out. No emblems on those guys yet. I used all three together for my last war flag and completely dominated a stronger team. The other team couldn’t handle the minion damage or summon any of their minions. I started with a fair board too. Took a few moves to get my guys fired up.

Bera and Freya together are deadly. Not sure how they would fare in defense, but on offense, they are amazing together.

I would recommend anyone that pulled Bera to max her as quickly as you can if you have the ascension materials. I don’t see a purple hero in the near future worth maxing better than Bera.


I’m giving an example of how they should have a balance of quality and quantity. Noor should have slow producing minions that survive longer while bera should have weaker minions that is produced easily but die off faster. Right now bera has both quality and quantity on her side

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That’s another thing that’s so annoying. Normal ailments should not hinder innate abilities. If bera only prevents the summoning of minions from special skills it would be fair. Puss in boots special doesn’t cover druid’s talents, so why should bera’s ailment affect innate and talents abilites too?
Same concept applies to dodging. Only special attacks are dodged and not normal attacks. Dodging both types of attacks makes this mechanic too OP
That is not true as well. Noor can still summon one sparrow immediately when bera fires once. It is then important to keep that sparrow alive to deal with the moths

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I think if Bera fires then Noor’s one minion has a chance of containing the moths, but probably not a great chance - RNG directing slash attacks and other charged specials could quickly kill the one Noor minion, and that one minion may target poorly anyway. Id probably say on average that one minion would take out 1-3 moths. That leaves 3ish moths that if are not taken out quickly have a chance of poisioning Noor.

Now if Noor is poisioned and you have a cleanser ready just before Noor fires then Noor’s special will likely quickly eradicate all moths. If not, the moths have a chance of permanently keeping Noor’s skill and ability pinned down.

I am quite curious to meet a Bera in the wild and seeing how the battle will flow.

How do you propose someone should keep that lonesome sparrow alive, when there may be both specials and normal attacks between when Bera fires and Noor/sparrows get to do anything?

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