Bera/Freya mana cut not working if the board reshuffles during a combo

Unfortunately, I didn’t record the raid where this happened. I guess it is pretty minor, but possibly the interaction means there are more holes that may need to be looked into.

So I was fighting a raid where Freya was in defense. I played with a rainbow team.

I had a tile combo that charged several of my heroes, but it also killed Freya.

Combo continued until the board stopped for a reshuffle since it landed in a spot where it couldn’t find any more moves.

Freya’s dying manacut happened at that time.

But when board reshuffled, few more tile combos happened that again charged my heroes to max.

So in the end, I finished a turn with few heroes charged to max, even though Freya had died that same turn.

I think Freya’s mana cut should have happened after the auto reshuffle due to lack of moves, not before.


I can confirm it happening several times. I don’t have Bera or Freya, but whenever I raid defenses having those hero/es, whenever it happens (the initial tiles kill any of them but the same move resulted to tile cascades with several favorable tiles converted to mana generation), I was always happy. I killed those minion summoners and I have my mana full.

It means a turn begins with a check whether a match is possible and if not then reshuffle. Which I have seen happen with an opening board sometimes.

You have been assuming that the check happens at the end of the turn.

Good catch, @Suicide_Bunny. :+1:
Allow me to add another observation -
don’t know, whether it is related or was mentioned before…
If the starting board has no initial match and automatically reshuffles, the HP of the opponent heroes are already lowered to the final values that will be in effect after possible combinations resulting from the reshuffling. There might be heroes even completely killed and not visible already before the shuffling. Saw this a few times before, but never managed to record. :grimacing:

This happened to me this morning, started with a random reshuffle and adversary Cobalt had already half HP bar (didn’t lower while being hit by tiles).

I believe this is just a visual bug (at least for this initial reshuffle bug)

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