Bera and Santa: Defense and emblem help

How should I set up my defense?
With Bera almost leveled and (I love playing with her) how should I distribute emblems between her and Santa? I know Bera should take the attack HP nodes but how many nodes should I try for both?

I only have 456 emblems between the two. Thanks everyone

Since beta produces minions, hp is quite important. I’d focus there and probably defense as I see her as defensive, not offensive.

I’d probably do the same with Santa.

As to distribution, hard to say. I’m a supporter of maxing you’re defense team and then distributing the rest for offense. It’s a challenge having two on a defense team of the same class.

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Thanks!! I think I’ll do HP and attack route. I see Bera defensive/offensive lol so I think this route can do this. We’ll see :slight_smile:

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