Bennu or Bera?

Who is better and should be finished first? Thanks

A little my information like is the decisions for offense or defense? Other roster needs…etc…

  • Bera
  • Bennu

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But I would choose Bera in this minion meta.

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Bera is better IMO.

Bennu is a tile sink. Bring a dispeller and he is completely useless. Bera’s minions are a heal for every hero and their DoT adds up very quickly if you are not able to kill the minions.


In a vacuum, I would have to vote Bera as well. Useful minions at fast speed, she shuts down the most dangerous minions and is useful for both attack and defense. I have less experience of Bennu and he doesn’t really alter the way I would normally play like Bera does.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:

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Thank you very much everyone :+1: Ok then it will be Bera :white_check_mark: