#BenchTelly for raids - lead the way for a positive change in raids for the majority

Any time I’ve tried to use those words, I get the “post awaiting mod approval” message.

ahem speaking of mods… I’m off topic again, as usual, so I’ll post something relevant to the discussion.

It is getting annoying seeing Tellys everywhere, but I don’t actually expect those who were lucky enough to pull her to remove her from their teams. If they choose to out of the goodness of their hearts and for the sake of trying to maintain game balance for everyone, that’s great. I (and probably many others) appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face: But if they choose not to? Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. They can have the cups, I’m perfectly content drinking straight from the bottle anyway.



Absolutely not. I’m vc2p and she’s the only reason I was able to complete “win 60 diamond raids” from the PoV.


Usually i try to put my maxed 4* or unemblemed 5* for defense with some fun heroes like neith, cheesire Cat or BK.

That maintains me in a 2400 trophies moreorless and i can find more variety in raids than 4500TP+ Telluria teams

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How your raid defense helped you win 60 offensive raids is out of my league :rofl:


I assume keeps you in diamond and can get wins during tournaments? Doesn’t seem too far fetched.


I will not bench my Tellu as people use my team to practice for wars - i get lots of videos people winning against me - I would consider this unfair to rob them of this chance - sorry - just another point of view.

And please - leave some Tellu teams up - i need the practice too.


It’s not about cups… it’s about raids getting back to being fun… there’s no fun in fighting (and mostly losing) the same defense over and over and over… and over again…

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You know that a good defense means not dropping too low in cups, right? Besides, I use Telly on the offence all the time as she is one of just two five stars I maxed.

I like doing revenge raids. I benched Tell quite a while ago because I wasn’t getting attacked. I guess we’ll be doing our practice on the Tell Trinity when we go to war!


Azlar keeps me in diamond since… forever… before Azlar I used Thorne as tank… still diamond at all times. And before that Boril. And still it was 100% diamond league. Deffinitely no need for Telluria to keep a team in diamond league at all times.


Relevant point - i think there will be enough ppl left with Telly ( like yourself ) for all of us to practice and enough that benched her ( like me and others ) so people that don’t want to practice against the holy trinity can fill their raid chest and feel good that they have a higher chance with their heroes and strategies to win raids


I play a game because of the challenge - I find fun in solving difficult things, adapting teams and play style to new situations, winning one raid out of five because I played well is much more rewarding then winning all 6 on autoplay. Many of these discussions and complaints I don’t understand. Why should everything be easy? Everything available for no energy put in?

I am sure, you can even beat Tellu team with a well balanced 4* team - so why all this complaining?

Just adapt, build new teams, learn and succeed :slight_smile:


It’s not about being easy, it’s about 95% of the diamond tier teams having the same composition. Telluria + GM / Vela.

It’s like I’m raiding the same team over and over and over


No… you can’t… not if we’re talking top Telluria teams. You might get a perfect board and beat them once, record it and brag about it, but that won’t happen every day… not by far… So far, I only have two options to win against her. Get 5 red tiles on her before the deamon charges, or get Malosi charged before her… both options are subject to a great deal of luck… all due to her average speed and unbalanced exagerately OP special…


Can I put telly with a field of 3*? That will make things more interesting right


Oh raids were supposed to be fun? LOL, sorry, never realized that, as I’m usually fighting teams at least 200 TP above my own. Just hoping I could maybe fill a hero chest every 3-4 days without dropping out of platinum tier in the process. :laughing:

I kid (mostly). I do get where you’re coming from, even though I’m probably not even close to fighting up in your levels. There’s supposed to be variety in your raid opponents, to keep you on your toes, force you to pull up different heroes from your bench that might otherwise go unused, practice different strategies, etc. I’m just so used to getting my butt handed to me on a regular basis anyway; to me, Telly is just one more hero on the long list of heroes who will most likely smack my team silly.

I suspect it’s only a matter of time before SG releases an even more OP hero that makes Telly look like Friar Tuck in comparison anyway.


Interesting idea and will be cool to see how many follow suit and who doesn’t for what reasons

Been a fun read so far

I’ll toss my guin back in, np

But i will mention the last time i did i collected a full watchtower for 3 days straight lol no attacks, so have a feelin people are rerolling other tanks to find telluria but taking out telluria will still be a win/win for myself i guess

I’ll collect more resources from watchtower, others will get to hit somethin besides telluria


as a non-Telly owner: thank you to all of those who have benched their Tellys, I appreciate your altruistic sacrifice :slight_smile:

I’m not completely afraid of her, as I have enough tools on my hero bench to take on the dreaded Telly/Vela/GM type cores with decent success… but thank you for adding variety to my raiding.


2021 to make red tanks relevant is my prediction

Probly a fast ares that hits all with gm damage, heals all, summons minions, nerfs mana by 50%, among other extra effects that were never balanced at the hero’s given speed before and we’ll still see the same ol people sayin " I pulled him and love him, he’s perfectly balanced" lol


Not really - we have a teammate with GM Telly Vella with 2 Pixie on the wings for days. Haven’t seen him drop under 2600 cups and usually is being raided to above 2800 :wink:


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