#BenchTelly for raids - lead the way for a positive change in raids for the majority

Tbh I don’t expect a nice reaction from community if Telluria is nerfed (especially if it’s an over nerf like JF’s). But I place that blame on SG and not on community. If you as game developers get to change your mind and redefine rules, fine at least allow players to do change their minds as well. If only they said “Hey we pulled a switch-a-roo on ya but here’s a reset token to get back all your emblems, mats and some of the resources back in case you want to change your mind as well”.

For people whom Telly was the only option it might not make a large difference in terms of whom the mats went too. For people who get mats faster (via mat offers, summon chests, 14* Titans) might be little annoyed but still can live with it. For rest of us, it takes like 6+ months at times to gather a set of tonics and decide whom to spend it on. Personally could have chosen Lianna and a friend of mine could have chosen Zeline.

I like the idea of adjusting game rules to keep it fair. But at same time figure out a way to allow players to easily adjust with those changes.

On-topic: What about about Heimdall, Ursena, or Finley? Maybe it’s just me but I’ve lost more raids to Heimdall tank than Telly tanks (%age wise).
I also don’t get that there’s no variety in diamond anymore. Before Telly showed most of the diamond teams looked very similar to me in composition.


I, also, have Malosi, but getting a very fast off-color hero to charge before an average tank is a thing of luck. Just like getting 5 red tiles aligned under Telluria. The problem is that her special is so OP that as soon as she casts it’s game over, most likely. There’s no coming back from it. Can’t charge any counter spells… And being average she’ll cast 90% of the time… people talk about Guin or Kunchen or Ursena being OP at their time… No… I don’t think they were…I fought all of them with pleasure every time. THEY CASTED, I COUNTERED. This is how raiding went before Telluria. Now this is not an option anymore… she casts and you can’t gain mana to counter her spell… game over…


I really shouldn’t even be chiming in here, because I don’t have any Guins or Tellys or Kunchens or GMS or Ursenas or any of the other OP heroes… and I know a bunch of people want to nerf Telly, and a bunch of other people would be mad if they nerfed Telly…

But I kind of think it wouldn’t hurt the Telly owners too badly if they just removed this:


Minion Removal Resist

The Hero has innate resistance against Minion Removal.

I know it’s a minor thing, but take that away and it gives people a reason to pull their minion eaters off the bench…

Just a thought.

Edit for lulz: #MakeGobblerGreatAgain :laughing:



Needed this laugh. Thanks.

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Nice of you to tell me to settle down while 100% missing the point.

This Telly outrage has happened before.


You can say all you want about how HOTM is more available than an event hero, but people were just as angry about guin,

The game will adjust.

People will overreact.

I easily wreck telly lineups— even when Vela is involved… if I have a mediocre board. I go 4:1 and usually win,

My point is this: VELA with Telly is the issue. Telly is not. Just isn’t. No, and no again.

Are people that upset that green finally has a viable tank? I can’t figure it out.

I don’t mind being a dissenting voice in a crowd, groupthink doesn’t affect me.

For the record, I am plenty calm. Just do not think all of this outrage and “sour grapes” (cognitive dissonance) is worth it.

Vela? Arguably that synergy there is scary. But not unbeatable.

If you can’t? Don’t. If you can? Do.

**Outrage, frustration and discussion about Guinevere


Already having a deff without telly (Swimming with the crowd is boring), keep 2550-2700 cups without doing anything
Also agree, the shining star is vela: Just make people use red with Vela in your lineup. 20200429_190558


Yeah, you’re as calm as an 80 year old on Prozac. Lol I can tell by the brevity of your post! Bwahaha

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hahaha it’s all in good fun. I just want to have the point understood and it seems that there are some short memories.

My kids call me grumpydaddy when I rant…maybe that would be a better forum name for me.

but to the original topic… I just don’t want SG to “fix” the wrong thing.

or for people to blame Telluria for the ills that really are a result of other heroes.


tenor (4)


Just saw this thread. I had the same thought as the OP.
In fact, I’ve deliberately benched tell, Guin, kunch, gm, bk from tank spot.

If you believe in karma, you’ll notice I get more revenge options which allow me to reroll freely for good targets.
By good targets, I’m talking about 40k+ ham, 20k+ iron.

Sometimes the gm tell Vela trio has the best resources, enjoy munching on these 50k+ ham OMM OMM OMM.

With decent # of revenge options, you too can bypass the cheap tell teams :slight_smile:
You can call me a cup dropper or whatever, idc but my defense climbs up to 2800+ if it gets down near 2500.


@PeachyKeen I saw your avatar and had thoughts. Things that make you go “hmmm.” :wink:

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sitll missing the point I see.

People benching telly to prove a point doesn’t make sense to me. – I weighed in as a dissenting voice because it is a public forum

Telluria overabundance & boredom discussion – also a part of the post, and valid to comment

Additional derivative telluria conversation-- also still semi on-topic.

Perhaps you just wanted to post something to tell someone to calm down?

That’s my job :face_with_monocle:


YOU… get the point.

Don’t nerf my avatar, don’t nerf telly.

I finally got Telluria maxed, but I don’t have Vela or Gravemaker. The defense seems to be only marginally better than what I had before with Leonidas. (I hover around 2500 cups.) But I am starting to get the “nothing but GTV” blues, so I’m not sure how I feel.

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Where do you see in my post blaming or whining :slight_smile:

You have mistaken the thread with the one with thousands of posts

I have Telluria +20 and Vela +19. I raid only Telluria and Vela as that is what i am facing with all 30 teams in war and i practice - don’t have a problem it.

However a lot of you forget there are millions of players and a lot of them ( don’t know how many exactly are in diamond ) are having huge issues with that combo and Telly particularly.

So my suggestion for like minded individuals was to make it “easier” and more interesting as we don’t care so much about cups in raids and it doesn’t cost us anything to put another defense for raids.

Have no idea why so many that don’t agree for whatever reason with this and doesn’t fit their view had to comment ( complain ) how this doesn’t make sense. I mean if you don’t like the idea just make a pass, nobody is requiring anything from anyone.

Sorry am replying to you, in reality is a reply to numerous ppl that commented :slight_smile:


And you my friend are a shining example of what is right with this game and especially, it’s player base.

Well said.


Hey it’s all good.

I think that in every thread, we’ve got a bunch of people saying one thing… then someone comes in with a dissenting opinion and they get jumped on.

The point is that it’s not meant to be a one-sided conversation, it’s a Discourse

You know… Discourse.

In this case, I wanted to be the dissenting voice so that the casual (non-forum) gamer doesn’t read a single thread and see that everyone thinks the same. A different view of things.
There are so many lurkers and non-members that read and never post. What if I am their voice, too?

Of course of course… we can’t let the topic go off course


also I hate your team.

I hate jabberwock and sif together. harshness.

Good on you for having them, though

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