#BenchTelly for raids - lead the way for a positive change in raids for the majority

I suggest a solution that players can create instead of relying on higher forces to make the game “interesting” for them again.

A lot of complaints from bottom to top that Telly is everywhere from raids to wars. Obviously in wars nobody will cripple their defense and hurt their team, but raids should be different as cups don’t matter.

So instead of a lot of ppl whining all can do something - #benchTelly in raid defenses. When there is a critical mass of ppl doing that there will be enough diversity in raids and ppl can have fun. We will be helping also lower level players not getting frustrated with the game :slight_smile:

I have been taught that when you are asking something from people you should show the way and lead with example.

So I changed my raid defense #benchTelly. Can be checked at any time and you can call me out if not true - Ali G from Crew Saders.

So join me in # benchTelly movement!


I like it. I dont think people will listen but I appreciate you trying to untellify my raids.


I support this!

My telly is permanently benched from Raids :slight_smile:


Thanks for thinking our feeling when we must face him/her all the time!!! Its super duper Boring raid for sure!!!
Not complaining because I found bring Evelyn, Zeline, Kingston, Evelyn (don’t have other green) and Costume Rigard is make more win than lose when facing Telluria and Vella.
For other Telluria flank, I will adjust it with either mono red or flank color I fear most.
Thanks for start this discussion, hope The Raid D is more interesting with variety tank in future!!


I like the idea. So it’s a yes from me.
But I doubt that all the people who have her would agree to this …
Put it to a vote and let’s see the results in a week


I completely agree. My Telly has been benched from raid defense. Thanks for this. :slight_smile:


Let’s spread the word and make it happen. Everyone can tag a friend, alliance mate etc. that tanks with Telly in raids, so once it gets going am sure a lot of ppl will see the benefit for others and themselves and would do it voluntarily



I like the idea - will do it right now.


My Guinevere won’t be pleased, having traded her sceptre in for Pom-poms as head cheerleader on the bench

I haven’t really noticed that big a difference in trophies on defense between Guin and Telly tanked teams, that being said I think GM goes better in the Telly teams and I don’t have him


Sorry, but delibaretely placing a subpar defense will directly hit my alliance score. Plus I do not have liberty to have two completely different defenses between regular defense and war defense, and war defense is all about Telly. Cup dropping is not my style.

So while I hate this current situation with all my heart, unfortunately my long dissatisfactory posts in the nerf telluria thread will have to do.

I think SG already got the message.


I don’t think it’s necessarily cup dropping. I don’t know your roster or situation of course but with my alternative tank I might wake up in the low range of 2400. Filling my chest will get me back up to the normal 2550-2650.

If I tank with Telly I’ll wake up at around 2500 and between wins and losses to fill my chest go back up to 2550-2650. It just takes longer to get there than if I have my other team at defense but it’s not like I’ll be at 2200 or anything like that…


Consider it done. My Telly is permanently benched.

Confession: I don’t have a Telly.


Well I am currently at 2867.

Cupdropping nowadays is below 2600 :joy: Telly keeps it 2650+ just fine.


Hmmmm…I actually dont mind seeing Telluria tanks if they are not flanked by Vela and/or GM and dont have mor than +15 emblems.

How I am supposed to figure out how to fight against her if she doesent show up in raid defence?

Now fortunately my hunting grounds right now are in the 2350 - 2550 range where I dont see the unholy trinity that often but it would be nice to see Telluria without herstandard flanks more offten! :rofl:


Wouldn’t expect that all will follow the #BenchTelly movement :slight_smile: but if enough people do it at least there will be enough diversity and less frustration for a lot of people. Others that hunt Telluria to test war teams etc ( my last 700 raids are only against Telluria tanks ) can always find in raids enough Telluria’s :wink:


It is fine - not expecting all are ready to lose something so others can gain something, that’s the normal order of life.

P.S it is not an attack against you to clarify - everyone can choose what they want to do



now I get it lol

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One big like from me! Except, it shouldn’t be benched, it should be deleted or at least banned until other 6* heroes come along. Cause that’s what the green freack really is… a whole new brand of hero, unmatched by any other, not even remotely… the first 6* hero came disguised as a 5* tank…


So how do you watch Netflix then?

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You could just do it and ignore this thread. Seems like doesn’t make a difference on your part


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