# Bench Telluria for a month

Because the main issue is how binary this game has become - it’s now a race who gets to fire first, because they power creeped the skills so much that a single cast can decide the match. So there’s no really much room for average. It’s either you have tiles to pop them up in few turns and charge your skills, or you don’t and then they charge their skills and you have no counterplay because you had no tiles to charge. I keep posting about this problem for months now.

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She is my only green 5*, my only 5* tank, and my only 5* with any form of mana control or healing. She won’t see the bench for a long, long time.

Nah. Sorry. I won’t subscribe to this. Why would I bench Telly in raids and in wars just for the war enemy to get a less difficult war or for the players to keep attacking me because they found me when they rerolled since even the bench Telly a few months back didn’t have a significant difference on the upper diamond arena. Nope. Can’t do. Good luck with you all.

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I’m all for it, but lest ye forget, there are a ton of alliances out there exploiting a loophole to create easier matchups. So what’s going to happen? You bench your best tank, they don’t. Too many people aren’t into doing what’s right. And that includes SG. It’ll never work.

Definitely agree with you, I guess my question was more of the rhetorical type.

Yep, this is my daily experience as well.

“Welcome to the Raid Arena, Platinum player! Today we have another nice string of Diamond-level opponents with 4 times the emblems as you. Here’s your grab bag of tiles - remember to correctly guess the right color of heroes to bring!”


I can agree that I get tired of facing Telly, but I’ve developed a couple different strategies depending on the flanks, that have a decent success rate.

I leave my Telly as my tank for wars, because I don’t really have any other viable options at tank. But, I’ve actually never put Telly in my raid defense. I’ve left that as BK’s job. I’m sure people enjoy seeing tanks other than Telly in raids.

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Mitsuko & Boldtusk will take care of Vela. Mits is you charge first, BT if Vela charges first. Unfortunatelly there’s no red answer to Telluria. At least not in my roster, as I don’t have Zim or Grazul… but, unlike Telluria, Zim and Grazul are rare heroes, few players have them…

All of them are not only great heroes, but they are also HOTMs. The thing is, many players summoned as much as they can last March since we were already have been informed of how good Telly is in beta. On top of that, 2020 has Tavern (and S3) summoning portal which was non-existent during Grazul and Zim’s time. I for one was lucky enough to get Zim as a bonus draw from free tokens or coins but didnt summon much on the month Zim was HOTM because at that time I thought she was underwhelming since I dont visit much the forum that time. With Yunan only appearing during spring every year, greens have been lacking good tanks unlike the other elements. A lot of players have already known of GM’s worth but a ton of players were able to discern the value of Vela, who was very much dismissed as being lackluster on her month of release, on Telly’s coming. Thus, the GTB core defense was born.

The telly tank is a bore now and we stuck with it until the next one comes out.
Sure run your defence the best way you can soo you stay on top no complaints about that.
It is a bore for me with the same line up but raiding ain’t everything I’ll fill my chest and leave it at that


Of course, can’t blame people for wanting to win at all costs… just that for me raiding was always the best part of the game, and my best E&P day was when I first hit global top 10… I was raiding with mostly 4* those days… yes, it was way better than when I got to #1… my first #1 was in Telluria era, and I only used one team to get there… wasn’t the same adrenaline rush as my first top 10, definitelly not…

Nice one :+1: I do like raiding but the fun has gone atm.,even watching war hits on people’s YouTube videos there all the same but different person talking haha.

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I don’t know if this topic ever been here before and in this type of format, but i’ll put it here.
Telluria, i belive, is annoying Heroes for a lot of players in this game, and the admins just making ridicilous nerfs for her, for other Heroes, (espacialy Vela) but it doesn’t help baerly nothing. Any way, when you hit more than about 2.6k cups 9 of 10 opponents will ne GTV, or close to it. I already dont put her in my raid defensive team, and i suggest others to do the same.
But i was thinking, and i understand that this is utopy, what will never happen, būt if all the players, all the alliances would decide to get rid of her in raids, in wars also, just put her in the corner, and lets get back to purple, yellow, blue tanks. This game was much more fun than it is now. Our alliance now, after many, many wars agaisnt telurias are fighting yellow tanks for the first time in half year i think, and it’s so much more interesting
And for admins, just get rid of her!!! We are tired of her, give materials back, let players, who has her, choose any previous HOTM, and bring the fun back in this game!!
I hope its possible to understand my English, its not my first language. I would be happy to read your thoughts about my ideas, what you think about that? :slightly_smiling_face:


I have no problem with Tella. She is so easy to kill that I am specifically looking for her in order to fill the chest as soon as possible. But everywhere these stuffy Gwynne Kunchen and Finley.
What you definitely need to give up is the projection of your problems with Tell on the entire gaming community.

I recieved three tellys. One is maxed. She has never been my tank for war or raids. I use her very rarely as im still a fan of black knight as my tank. O e hero conplwtemy turned the whole co.munity on its side and pretty much destroyed what little faith people had in SG. Just hit my 6 month no spend and if not for a work friend urging me everyday to log in I would have been gone. Telluria and the rally crowds behind her and franscois destroyed everything that had come before them. Rather than rectify the problem properly thwy literally just created another with heavy handed nerfs which should have never made it from beta in the first place. At some point people gonna realize thay the graveyard of a forum we have left will never return to its old glory and the like most games, there comes a time to move on. Hope they see what these new games are doing to bring to old feeling back. But it just feels too little too late at this point.

Have you read the forum lately? They’re not my problems, they’re lots of players problems. And you got it all wrong. The problem isn’t how hard or easy Telluria is to kill. The problem is that Telluria is everywhere. Soon as you pass 2700 you have to re-roll doesens of times to fight any other tank except Telluria, and getting inside top 100 basically has you fighting the same endless string of GTV teams, with minor variance on the flanks between Finley, Seshat, Killhare, Jabber, Drake and very few others. Wake up, Telluria is suffocating the game. Just go, re-roll. If you are above 2600 90% of the rolls that give you better odds than 31/30 are tanking Telluria. Go check top 100. There are twice as many Telluria tanks there than all the other tanks put together. These are facts not stories. The fact that you enjoy fighting the same tank over and over and over don’t mean things are fine around these parts. The game is free falling, just look at the numbers…

I actually see Telly pretty regularly even in high platinum. She is everywhere.

I don’t really care that much, as even my lowly red team is able to take her out most of the time… I worry more when she has strong backups surrounding her.

But anyway. That’s neither here nor there.

As for the players leaving the game… that is definitely an issue of major concern. And I don’t think it can all be blamed squarely on Telly alone. It’s a combination of factors, really.

  • Telly release ruined the original game balance for many
  • Telly nerfs upset the newer players who spent heavily trying to pull her
  • Alchemy Lab failed to deliver
  • Hero Academy failed to deliver
  • Tavern of Legends failed to deliver
  • Goblin Balloon… just LOL

It takes more than one little mistake to kill a strong game like E&P. It takes several repeated mistakes in a row.

And boy oh boy, SG sure seems to be hell bent on slaughtering their original cash cow by any means necessary.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d almost think they were doing it on purpose. Sure seems like it, anyway. That wouldn’t make any sense, though. Would it? :thinking:


Ultimately, it’s about maximizing revenue, not player enjoyment. If play rates drop by 10%, but purchases go up 15%, that’s a net gain for SGG.

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Yeah, it looks like they’ve resorted to focusing on trying to trick new players into spending (oftentimes on stuff that isn’t even remotely worth the price). That’s not sustainable long term though, as eventually word will get out.

The old adage of “game is a marathon, not a sprint”… that’s how it was originally. Now? I’m not so sure.

It begins to worry me when a company focuses only on bringing in new customers while completely neglecting longtime customers. That to me is a sign of a company that has essentially given up on providing a good product.

I don’t want to believe that, after all the time I’ve invested into this game. I’d like to think that they still care as much about their own game as many of their players do. But it certainly doesn’t appear that way.

Yeah, I’m a cynical SOB. For good reason. Because I’ve seen this exact same thing happen to many companies throughout my lifetime. They start off with this idea of providing good products, then they start making some good money, and eventually they stop caring about the product itself and focus only on the money it can bring them.

It’s the classic evolution of virtually every successful business in the history of business. Starts off as the brainchild dream of some creative person with an interesting idea, and eventually morphs into a soulless entity that exists only for the sole purpose of sucking up customers’ money like a giant cosmic vacuum cleaner.

EDIT: yeahhh I already know this post is going to get dumped into the off topic bin anyway so I’ll go ahead and pile on before it does…

My previous employer… their original motto was “Fast, Fun, & Friendly”

Eventually it morphed to “Fast & Friendly”

Then it became “Fast… Faster… Fastest

Started off as “We care about our team members”

Turned into “We care about our team”

Eventually “We care about our customers”

Inevitably turned into “Our main focus is efficiency and profitability”


That’s just how it goes.

No idea about benching. But there’s more friggin Tellurias out there than you can shake a stick at. Lol.

I get it she’s a powerful hero but why were so many given out?

Every raid and war - its endless rolling tellys. :roll_eyes:

Its like having to permanently live with the Kardashians or something

There’s something odd going on… all these month of fighting Telluria, turned me into a “Telluria specialist”. I actually find my self now avoiding other tanks and killing Telluria heavy teams as they come along. That’s turning to be pretty easy and getting easyer as my red team gets stronger. Now I got my red 5* over+15 Telluria ain’t posing much of a threat. Especially if they have blue flanks or wings like Vela and Finley. Mitsuko+18 does an amazing job about those. Necessity is the best teacher around… of course, things are different in wars. I only have one Telluria hunting team…

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