# Bench Telluria for a month

Long story short: Telluria is ruining the game. Is there anyone in the whole game that enjoys endlessly re-rolling virtually the same team or going to war against a Telluria alliance? I seriously doubt it… I can’t even imagine how dull high level wars against 30 GTV teams must be… twice a week every week the same old routine use all 6 flags against the same team, over and over and over again… I know this is war, and everybody wants Telluria as tank and Gravemaker Vela as flanks, Finley and Drake on the wings, but come on, it’s insanely boooooring… I guess that’s because green has no other tank options. There are of course Yunan and Heimdall, but let’s face it, almost nobody has them, while everybody has Telluria… If you use this set-up your enemy will also use it and wars become big xerox machines, the outcome being determined by who gets the better boards overall… lately Telluria is more and more present in the mid tier wars… today we face an alliance with 10 Telluria tanks out of 24 and I can tell you, this war was absolutely no fun for me… I just mechanically used the flags, wishing I didn’t have to, and the results were acording to my will to fight. I got my worst war score ever, but I don’t mind that, those were the boards I got. What bothered me was the fact that I got the same feeling I get whenever I endlessly re-roll and all I see is GTV+20 teams… SG didn’t have the guts to solve this problem, they waved a fruitless nerf under our noses to shut us up, leaving the situation unchanged in the process… Telluria is still everywhere, suffocating the game, squizing all the fun out of it… I so much miss the pre-Telluria days when people actually did active raiding. Now I wake up to a watchtower full of ham and iron and no revenges available… nobody actively raids my base anymore…

So here is what I propose: if SG couldn’t fix the Telluria problem for us, we can fix it ourselves… let’s bench Telluria in august. Every one of them, from every aspect of the game. Let’s remember how the game would be if Telluria wasn’t release. Let’s raid against Kunchen and Aegir and Ursena and Guin and Gravemaker and others again, just to remember how diversity feels like…

So, poll one:

  • I enjoy the way the game changed since Telluria became omnipresent
  • I don’t like the way Telluria changed E&P

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… and poll two:

  • Yes, I’d like to have a Telluria free month in august
  • No, I intent to keep using Telluria in every way possible

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Tank color rotation would solve this boredom. Annoyingly bad to face the same def over and over again with always the same attack team.

Rotation would reduce it to under 20%, which would be acceptable imo.


Hmm… that idea struck me in this way: What if the tank colors rotated with the Elemental Summons? So you HAVE to change up your defense regularly?

Sometimes you’d be forced into a color that you aren’t strong with, and you drop down a bit in the rankings; sometimes you’d have a strong color and you might do a little better those times. I think it’d at least make things interesting.

Key problems would be… what happens if you’re offline when the color change happens? Maybe a new feature that you set your desired defense for each tank color, and it automatically switches you over when the color changes?

And I’m not talking about just for wars - I mean regular old raids, too! It would encourage people to have a strong tank of each color, or to work toward that as a goal, if they don’t have it already!

EDIT: As for benching Telly… I did that last time, and noticed no appreciable difference in my raids, likely because about 1% of people are on the forum and even if everyone who read it did it (which I doubt), it is a drop in the ocean.

I’ve gotten to the point where I just reroll until I get a reasonably beatable team. I’m hoping to land a good Red 5* sometime that will help amp up my game against Telly, but right now, it just isn’t worth the frustration when all I want to do is fill up the chest.

Good gaming!


Also would non re-usable heroes on war defense, but that’s just for wars… raiding would still be boring as hell…

I don’t have Telly but I never get tired of seeing the All Blacks win, I’d hate for them to be handicapped or worse choose to handicap themselves just to make things more interesting


Wait! I think you meant to say - "Annoyingly bad to face the same def over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again with always the same attack team.


On the flip side, it is nice to hardly ever change my raid team as I’m almost always facing the same lineup. I’ve gotten pretty good at winning beyond me level with GTV


Lol we’d go back to facing guin all the time in wars and people would still be rerolling her or ursena in raids

The meta shift to current wasn’t as overnight as people believe, people have been leaning more and more to all AoE defenses with mana effect tank for a long time

There’s always been “top defense heroes” and always will be

Nothing dull about telluria wars imo, every war is about doing the best you can to help your team get a win…wth is boring about that lol. We have wars where the lead goes back n forth the whole war and winning comes down to as few as the last 3 flags

People wanna change their raid d’s, knock themselves out, stay in diamond is all that matters in raids

But no competitive alliance wants to intentionally lose more wars just to make the game easier for their opponents. Competing is fun.

Intentionally losing or not using best tools a team has available to win is not fun…


I am so sick of the GTV line up. Once my war chest is finished this round. I’m going to op out of was. Will give me time to think. I’m wanting to quit the game. SG killed the fun. Now it’s the same old same old. Game and war is getting so tiresome to play.

I’ve benched Telli since I maxed Zeline…due to lack of other tank options unfortunately it is still green-blue combo but I’ve put Gazelle into the mix for variety :smile:

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I already benched… then unbenched… benched again… again unbenched. Generally it’s pointless experience, actually I reached the point where I perceive everything here as pointless.

Messing with defense takes too much effort with the emblems moving, and without seeing who and how attacked you it’s all just guessing game what works and what doesn’t. I put a freaking Guardian Owl in my defense wing and still barely ever dropped below 2550 cups.

Messing with offense is pointless. Best crafted teams lose if you can’t charge them with bad boards, randomly crafted teams win with good boards. You have no influence over the board and can’t really plan around it - it’s a guessing game. I’m actually happy I roll yet another green tank because I became so lazy I don’t even want to change my attacking heroes.

Not sure if they murdered the game recently or they never actually had an idea how to entertain people at this level.

I keep seeing this argument being used here and there. I never had a war facing 25+ Guins or 25+ Ursenas as these heroes were never as close to common as Telluria is. I never had to roll more than maybe 3 times to find a non-Guin non-Ursena defense, now I could roll even 10 times and still find only Telluria. Fingers crossed that it’s ‘just a phase’ and we’ll get another strong tank at some point that will make Telluria seem a thing of the past to add some color to the game again, but imho without a drastic change of the game meta (and I mean game mechanics/game modes meta, and not some hero picking meta) it’s not going to happen this time. They would at least need to rework the emblemming system for that, so people don’t need to spend 10 million resources per hero just to see if their new defense may keep 30 more cups on average and win 63% of first war attack instead of 57%.


The idea of completely benching Telluria is not very realistic, in that for many of us, she is our only really good green hero. To convince such people to limp through a whole month of blue tanks without any good heroes is too much.

I exaggerate a little, as green is my best color for 5-stars. But I recognize that there are other people in the game that have less to choose from. Telluria seems to be the one that makes the most difference in my lineup, though: my green mono = Tell / Lianna / Margaret / Caedmon or Melendor / Kingston.

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Yes, that’s right, “heroeS” being the key word… now there’s only one hero… we all see it, but we fantasize and theorize about other stuff, like GTV and all, lying to ourselves that Telluria isn’t the real problem… well, I’ll stick to my oppinion, Telluria is the real problem. I’ll face Vela and GM any day as long as Telluria isn’t tanking for them, but I’m fed up to my neck about Telluria on every raid… and it wasn’t like this before, there were several top tanks, Kunchen, Ursena, Guin, Aegir, Santa, we used to care about Alby or MN in the left wing, we actually had to change our attack team for raids… now it’s all standard procedure. One defense, one attack team, one winner, based on the number of red tiles present on the board… I get 4 tiles on Telluria before it goes off, I win, I don’t, I lose… that simple. Raiding became a lottery… No strategy, no need to think, just pure board luck… don’t know about how other players feel about it, but I sure don’t like it… and another thing, my watchtower ain’t getting attacked anymore… just a few strikes a day, mostly revenges… sure feels like people don’t do avtive raids anymore, not as the used to, anyway…


I had my Telly benched for quite some time, I even rotated tanks every other week for quite a while, but I’m not doing it again. It didn’t make much difference for me if I had my Kunchen, Justice, Thorne, Vela, Black Knight, Elena, Ursena or Horghall in there. Eventually I went back to a Telly defense, because that’s what I’m facing mostly - so I don’t see the point anymore in setting up something else. In wars we’re rotating tanks anyway.
I had been hoping that a few Tellys would disappear after the nerf, because so many, many people here on the forum were arguing how she was now completely trash, unusable and the worst hero there ever was. Never happened, though, there are still Tellys everywhere, so I feel fine in using mine as well. I did learn not to listen to the often very negative voices on the forum, so that’s something. Whenever they are branding a hero as complete trash now, I’m thinking ‘Let’s level them up’ :wink:


I havent experienced that. I’m still losing hundreds of cups a day…

Actually i was hit at least 41 times in the last 4 hours. Believe it was more than that but watchtower cuts off at x amount.

I would love it if people would just stop hitting me lol


IMHO Telluria isn’t the real problem. At my level (2400-2600 cups) I regularly face Telluria tanks without Vela and I can win as often against her as against Ursena or BK. It IS Telluria-Vela that is the problem for me and I currently have not figured out an answer for that problem.

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What if SG does a small twist on wars, adding heroes contidions just like Raid tournaments?

For instance, “This war only 4* heroes” or “This war no green heroes”.

Ive said before on a post about war to put a max number of “stars” on defense and attack teams. For example, if you get 18* total to put your team together, you can still use the Grave-telly-vela combo in the middle if you want, but then have to use a 2* and 1* on the wings…just a thought.

Might force people to develop different strategies, even pair 3*, 4*, and 5* of the same family/realm to get the bonus that they provide.

I am a Telluria owner (on my alt), and also have a maxed Vela. I dont have any other 5* heroes maxed on that account, and dont normally stay above 2200 cups, so the combo is easily taken out.

But i digress…

And the average boards that should give you average win rates, where are those? I see more boards at each end of the spectrum than those in the middle which might be “workable”. Feast or famine, day in, day out.

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