Belly’s Revenge Low Key alliance

My wife and I are starting a new alliance. I am an experienced player and been in a top alliance. I have also reached first place so I would be happy to help new and upcoming players. I would like to start a low key alliance with ten to fifteen active players. My team power is over 4400 and my wife’s is around 3550. I am hoping to find like minded players who just enjoy the game. She is finishing the titan in her alliance before she comes over. All I ask is you hit the Titan and if you opt into wars you do your hits. So come join us if you like. Please no one with multiple accounts.image


Good luck with your new team!

I’m sure it’ll be awesome


Thanks Rigs going to see if this goes anywhere.


Hey, I’d like to be considered. Pretty disappointed with my current alliance. 2 strong members just dropped. I am a frequent c2p (vip only). Been on for just over a year, so it’s been a slow go. I finally have a good stable (11) of 4* maxed and talented with many more waiting for mats. Limited on 5* to just 3. Have always been among the top scores in AW and titans. Still playing in the platinum arena, but I haven’t put that much emphasis on raids. Thanks for your consideration.

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We would like to have you. Belly’s Revenge is the name of the alliance. 0 trophies required but it is invite. I will be looking for you

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