😡bello adesso strunz del gioco

congratulations one puts one’s heart to this game and take these rewards I want reimbursements for all the money that or often this game for 2 years only these ■■■■■■■■ dates really made crap ever an object of ascension

Yes, this is perfectly normal.

20 Characters.


Sorry @ROXANA, you shared screenshots of loot received over a 6 hour period, I’m confused why the title of the post is “I feel sorry for you”?

Maybe she feels sorry for all the people who didn’t have such good loot. I would have been very happy for most of that. (Admittedly one of the chests was a bit pathetic.)


3 gold tokens, a titan flask and 20 emblems from an elemental chest is considered pretty good these days tbh.


Perhaps… I would have been happy with that loot too

I’ll take “Where Speach writers go after they leave the administration” for $200 please, Alex

sinceramente io da quasi un anno aspetto qualche Tomo. Tunica. frecce. faccio titani da 11* in su e niente de sta merda di bottino ne prendo uni 5 o6 messi considerando che faccio misioni 3 volte al giorno

translation by mod

Honestly I have been waiting for a Tome of Tactics for almost a year. Tabbard. Arrows. I kill titans from 11* up and nothing but crummy loot. It shouldn’t take 5 or 6 months for one, considering that I do 3 chests a day.

That is all


Wow, such a negative post! :sweat_smile:


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