Belith did not remove buffs entirely(NOT A BUG-THIS THREAD CAN BE DELETED)

Describe what happened and what did you expect to happen -

Belith(3* Green Healer/Debuff) did not remove my opponents heroes buff entirely, it only removed the buffs from Kashhrek, but Nashgar and Boril still had Perfect Risposte and Swamp Skin buffs.

When did you encounter the issue? Add details of the exact date and time (with time zone) -

22/September/2017 (UTC / GMT +2 hours) - around 12:00AM (around 2 hours ago since I posted this)

Add screenshots, if possible, this will help us to understand the issue better!

Unfortunately I didn’t make any Screenshot during the battle… But I have a Screenshot of my opponents team.

If your hero has a status effect which makes him less accurate, this is not a bug. Blind has been altered in the last update. If I have Wu Kong active for instance, Melendors debuff acts the same as you describe. Do you have Wu Kong? Or were you blinded?

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Aww you are right, I forgot the special ability of Wu Kong, thanks for bringing that up.

I’d like to reopen this issue and I’m hoping for some input of others. I have a very strong impression that since a couple of weeks Belith misses almost every time with removing the buffs when either blind or the Gamblers Stance is active on her. In fact, since I decided to watch it closer, I have only seen her remove buffs under these circumstances twice, against countless other times that she missed. I’m talking literally dozens here.

The reason that I’m asking for input on this, is that I realize that a missed attempt will be noticed much easier then a successful one, even when you’re trying to watch it. After all you’re in a battle when this occurs, which might draw away your attention at times from anything that’s working as it’s supposed to. Still, I do believe that I couldn’t have missed that many instances of successful buff removal when she’s hindered by either blind or the Gamblers Stance.

I’ll keep watching closer and in the mean time I’m hoping to hear from others who share my experience or who do not recognize it. Please note that having Wu Kong in the team might be a factor here, even if only blind is active at the time.

Dunno if I’m late to this but I have not had Belith debuff or restore the 32% health once since levelling her! Zeroes float above the non healed and no escalation of allied healtbar! No blinding or status effects active that I am privy to either!
I’m not great at navigating this forum and can’t ascertain if it’s an issue that needs resolving or was resolved, and have thus far concluded the cryptid druid is as useful as the clap!

Was this happening in the current raid tournament? The debuff should work as expected there, but the healing is set to 0 for Bloody Battle.

Yes that’s what happened! Thanx for the closure! Regards

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