Being slaughter in Alliance wars

Still trying to figure out alliance wars I will hit an opponent with smaller power and only end up taking out 1 or 2 heroes B4 they demolish that team I don’t understand how this is happening

Are you bringing enough healers?
Are you bringing heros that counter your opponents?

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I have 3 or 4 healers on my defense team that I use throughout but this war my highest team power was 3309 I took on a 28kand lost

If you have 3-4 healers on your attacking team then I’m not surprised that you didnt win.

You have no “umpf” in a team like that. The enemy slash damage and arrows will just destroy you.

What other heros do you have?

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Well I tried to show u I used Balthazar chaos melendor Kirill and Scarlett all loved to the max

Did you get a bad board?
What color tank did they use?
Did you time your healers to take the revenge arrows into account?
Did you focus down one hero so that you could ghost tiles and get more mana?

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There is of course the concept that the arrows can take out your team before your healers are ready.

I was playing with all the principles mentioned by Fledoble above… actually playing 2 healers of different colours per attacking team in 4 of my 6 encounters. In all 4 of them, the combination of board, opposition and arrows meant my healers were dead before they could heal. All on 4th or 3rd tier. I actually got very few specials off in all 4 of those encounters. Took me 6 visits to finish 2 teams. (This was uncommonly ill fortune for me… I normally do better than that, but still.)

‘Healers to counter arrows’ is very board dependent. In fact arrows makes the encounter in general more sensitive to the board than regular raids.

(Declaring my bias: I do not like arrows).

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Ok I’m not sure about the tank the board want as good as I hoped I tried to do the healer arrow thingies took out 2 of there heroes B4 they wiped me out I thought I had emailed until I lost my first hero and it went down from there so im guessing it is a combination alof those things then

Punctuation is your friend.


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I did at first. 2 of the players in my alliance went to spectator mode. I found that once war starts you cannot leave the alliance or change your defense in any way . Did they do either of these @SuShoNi?