Being raided mulitple times simultaneously

Issue: If you reach the dreaded 2675-2700 cup level the game allows you to be raided by more than one person at a time.

As you lose cups normally, the amount of cups you can lose to other enemies naturally decreases. But when you get attacked by 5 enemies simultaneously, the cups they win is calculated from your original cup count, which sucks. Means they could all win 50 cups from you, where as, if they attacked you one at a time, those same enemies would probably win 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10, ish.


Yes, this always happens. This is how you lose 500 cups in 2 minutes… I think around 2700 the algorithm pushes your name forward on everybody’s re-roll list.Than… BAAAM! 10 attacks in one minute… I guess is SG’s version of crowd control.


Yeah, I have that happen every time I get into the top 100, just part of the game.

You are right and understand your point. But now I hope you don’t mind for asking you something. Just for making conversation. Why are these trophies so important for you? With 2400 or 2700 is the same arena with the same rewards. And as far as I know SG don’t build statues to anyone for being in top 100. And it is pretty clear that is top 100 trophies, not top 100 best players. Not even close :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Actually I avoid breaching 2700 for a long time now. Usually I drop my last raid on purpose to some 15 / 46 or so cup ratio team. I do this because, more than once, I’ve been dropped below 2400, even below 2200 once in a matter of minutes. This was the only kind of occurrence that brought me below 2400 in about 6 month… As much as I enjoy revenging those raids for high cup ratios, I’ve been put in the situation to have to hold my full chest for an hour until I got the needed flag to return to diamond. Not a big problem, on it’s own, opening a chest in platinum, but I haven’t done this in a very long time and it would feel out of place…

I’m glad I’m not the only who observed this. Feels really strange to have such an algorithm in place and it’s annoying as hell.

Ehhh… it’s annoying only the first ten times it happens :wink:

Literally get this all the time, so just been raiding and never laughed so much at how stupid this part of the game is! Like another player, I just dropped myself because I cant be arsed clawing it back! Cup are cups, you’ve got to do it just for the chests! Stuff the glory when you know something’s rigged!

2650 looks like a good bet where it starts happening. I got to 2651 cups while filling the raid chest and got raided 5 times in 10 minutes.

My experience tells me that when you get to the top 100 players with the most cups, the game system opens your defense team to raids, even if you are online. It doesn’t matter what number of cups that may be, as long as it is within the top 100. And like others, I tend to avoid getting to the top 100 unless I am raiding to fill my chest inevitably getting to the upper rung. The good thing is, you may set up troll defense for the heck of it, trying several defensive formations just for your evaluation, which combination of heroes give you a higher chance of defending.

That’s correct but top100 is almost always above 2700 cups and this issue begins before that.

I’ve found it generally holds off on the mugging until I’ve got as high as I’m going to and given up.

I am guessing they do this to get you out the top 100 asap so someone else can take a turn. Let everyone have a chance to be on top.

Make people feel good about themselves and the game so they spend more. I suppose.

It’s not just the top 100, which I rarely make. For me it starts close to 2700. Once I hit 2680 every man and his dog attack me (and win although 20 lvl beneath me and with a defense team that has ~1000 less strength, so sure, their attack team will be level with mine…). Its just bugged. Keep your players down and frustrated, so they buy stuff to “improve” their odds…

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