Being raided by players using “older editions”, can’t revenge

I have submitted 2 support requests for the same issue- tickets 176866 and 220095- and have been told ty have been adequately addressed. I feel this is an inaccurate description of the situation.

Here’s what’s going on: I have been raided by players who are apparently running older versions of the game, so I cannot attempt revenge. The first time this happened, back in 2018, I was told that during an upgrade, players cannot attack across game editions- older can’t go after new, new can’t go after old. So I understand PERFECTLY how this happens during the first few days of the changeover, especially since I tend to upgrade as soon as I am aware that an upgrade is available.

The issue I am reporting, however. Is that twice now in 2019, I have been raided by players running older versions of the game 10-18 days after I upgraded to the newest version. Each time I have reported this, I have been told the same thing I was told the first time I asked about this. When I first reported this in February, I pointed out that the timing of these attacks means they shouldn’t have been possible according to what I have been told, Customer Support told me they hadn’t heard of such a thing before. I responded that perhaps they should consider this a first occurrence.

The May report followed the same pattern, except that after I pointed out the timing discrepancy, CS closed the report without further comment beyond an email saying the issue is considered resolved.

To be clear, I don’t think other players are gaming the system. That doesn’t make sense, especially when we’re talking about so many days passing, and the

I think either the program has a bug that occasionally lets players on old versions attack players running the newest update OR the system is erroneously deciding that the revenge-seekers are running different versions that their attackers, and preventing the revenge attempts.

(I also think customer service is not doing the best job of actually reading the complaints in these cases.)


Unfortunately @BubbaIMHOtep… this is not a new phenomenon… this happens everytime there is an update.

Why I can't revenge raid these players "Note: this player is playing on a different app version"? [MASTER] - this thread was started Aug 2018

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Unless you’re saying the attacks are permitted despite the claim that they can’t happen, I think you’re making the same mistake as the customer service reps who contacted me.

**i agree. They need to stop raids during updates. I lose too many trophies that I can’t get revenge . Come on let’s take care of this problem **

IMO, I think raids should’ve been unaffected.

Unless there’s balance changes, like in v20, why is it such an issue to raid someone using a different app version?


There seems to be some discrepancy between the ways that different search-for-opponent options operate. We saw this in the recent bug whereby it was impossible to find opponents after the update via normal methods, but by trying to revenge someone on a different version and then re-rolling, the search algorithm was able to find a match.

There’s also the S1 map watchtower fights, which might possibly not check versions in their matching process.

I’m wondering if something like those allow a leak path for cross-version attacks to occur. Hopefully, SG will take a look at it.

Can you get screenshots showing the bug, as well as the approximate time it happened? That generally helps with debugging.

I upgraded to the latest version of the app right after posting this thread, about 6 hours ago.

My raid log is full of attacks ranging from 9 hours ago to 15 minutes ago. Will post pix soon.

So there you go: even though I upgraded 6 hours ago, I’m still being raided by players using the older version.

(Yes, some of those attacks occurred before the update. But clearly, not all.)

Just to be clear, it doesn’t matter when you do the update, but when you log in for the first time after the update. The server doesn’t know you’ve updated until you actually log in with the new version.

So when is the first time you actually logged in on the new version?

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Let’s assume you’re correct.

To be clear, I play every day. So when the first two incidents I reported occurred 10-18 days after updating, the server should have known that I had updated many days prior and not permitted the attacks from older version users to happen.

And even now, after obviously checking in to the game to take the posted photos, I have been attacked by more players running older versions.

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The attack from Flighto occurred several minutes after I posted the photos that I obviously had to sign in to take in the first place.

They are two separate questions. Clearly (at least, it’s clear to me) there’s some bug if people raided you 18 days after you updated.

But relative to the current pictures:

If you upgraded 6h ago but didn’t log in until recently to take those photos, the game wouldn’t know you had upgraded until you just logged in. So you could have been raided by people on the old version during that 6h window.

I’m trying to understand if that’s what happened, or if you upgraded 6h ago and instantly logged in, but then have been still getting attacked by a lot of people on the old version.

The magnitude of the problem would seem to be very different depending on that answer…

If you upgraded 6h ago but didn’t log in until recently to take those photos , the game wouldn’t know you had upgraded until you just logged in. So you could have been raided by people on the old version during that 6h window.

That’s why I posted the screenshot of Flighto’s attack, which by necessity occurred after I logged into my account after I posted the screenshots within that 6h window.

To clarify: That picture of my raid log was the entirety of my log at that time. No Flighto. Logged back in, attacked by Flighto, who is apparently running an older version.

Here’s an updated screenshot.

If the system were working as advertised, Flighto shouldn’t have been able to attack.

I am having same issue. I upgraded to new version and I went in to revenge raid instead of shelling out 2000 hams each and was told all 3 revenge raids I could not do because they were playing on an older edition. Please fix this. Gets costly enough without having to shell out more ham! Thank you

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