Being overcharged on world energy

I was charged 10 and 11 world energy in season 2 whe it was supposed to cost 6 world energy per mission. It occured specifically in level 25 missions 7-10 on normal mode. Game version is 22.0.0 build 1078. The cost per mission went down to 6 world energy in level 26.

Hi @Dustoff

You need to contact support… forum staff can’t help :slightly_smiling_face:


You probably accidentally switch on hard mode (11 flags).

When you change normal-hard, even if you change on another stage, it last for all the stages.

Be particulary careful before go with autotickets.


@Elpis is correct. This has bitten me more than once during EVERY AR. I now try to remember to check before I blow a ton of WE in a few clicks


This happened to me and I got destroyed by the hard double bosses.

My first clue should have been the missing loot ticket button.


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