Being booted off alliance

You just need to find an alliance that supports you. I wouldn’t be upset about getting booted from your prior alliances. As long as you were respectful and active, it’s their loss.

just my opinion.

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I have said it before, I just think we need better diagnostics as leaders, so we understand levels of activity. That way you can take an evidence based approach to these decisions without the subjective validations or endless spreadsheet tracking

I like the idea of an Alliance Guidelines page in the game (specifically for each alliance when you’re a member) where the expectations of the alliance regarding activity, tank colour, strategy could be laid out transparently

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I am the leader of my group (Slacker Pack) and in my alliance participating in the war is optional, but you must opt out. After weeks of warning members not to abandon defense teams on the war field, I canned four members who both did nothing and said nothing. (You don’t have to talk in my alliance, but occasionally speaking is a huge step in member security.) After that, everyone on the field started fighting. I don’t expect my member family to all be top notch fighting machines. Just put in an honest effort and I am happy.


Good leadership demands at least a little fear from its members :wink:

No, respect has to be earned and the result is trust.

Fear is the bad way of leading and the result is revolt.


Thank you all for your comments and supportive information. I have been invited to a new alliance and I am looking forward to participating (as I have always done). And I’d like the idea of a warning so there is something a player can do to make good with their alliance.


Be sure to know the rules…

Our Ally has 2 rules…

  1. Hit the titan before the 11 hr mark. If not and doing that twice without explanation means boot. Further on 60K is required. As we are all most experienced players, those are easy.

  2. If you enter war, use all your flags and just attack 1 team only once.

The ally is very helpful getting the best team there is for all titans. We’re aiming for 100… lol

Trust me I doubt any of our members are very scared of me.

The fear I’m referring to is having members a little bit nervous that they didn’t do as well as they could have, and perhaps a little bit nervous about being removed.

I think fear of losing something you want (ie staying in a good alliance), can be self-motivating!


If you are an active player, ie: in sync with the team, hit titan and finished war flag regularly, then you’re booted simply because there is a gigantic player request to join the alliance.

Sorry about that .
I believe @DaveCozy is absolutely right IMO… sometimes you never know .

Also I believe what @LadySuzanne said can be correct to some extent , if you are in a respective, competitive, driven alliance … That not adhering to rules of the alliance

But lastly , I believe some alliances are full of :poop:, with tasteless leaders who only look for STRONG players to help the alliance , not so much in keeping players who are weak - to grow .

Some have open alliances but don’t always expect a hi welcome . You can be bolted just because (they don’t know you, or the spots are got mercs to destroy THEIR titan )

I would suggest u meet or chat with some folks here and join an alliance that may suit you.

Cheers and good luck


Reading this thread with great interest.

I think Alliances should a rules page that you need to click sign when you join. This would define expectations. I can see why some Alliances use 3rd party message boards or have Facebook pages.

I am a. Elder in.the my Alliance we ask you attack Titans, try to take part in Alliance Wars. If you choose not to take part, unclick participate. We are a training alliance, here for fun And competition, we expect you to say if your going to be away why and how long, we have booted those who don’t chat or take part in wars or at least i Titan…but we really dont like to boot amyone…I think @LadySuzanne’ s list is a good How To fir the New Alliance Member!

Ive booted cause of inactive participation in titans, consistent MIA from alliance 5 days+. I have demoted from elder to member as a warning until they say something or given out warnings. Chatting is not insisted upon as all who are not chatty are hitting titans and warring I see no big deal in them not chatting. I don’t always get it right cause some of the players have been in the team a long time and you give the benefit of the doubt as something may have changed since they started as that’s life which is priority over this game. I’m not hard-pressed but as I said I don’t always get it right. Communication is the key.

think u r not paying attention to features message , if hiting or skiping titans ,wars strategies etc …pay more attention to banners if u are a daily active player …

There does seem to be a bit of disconnection in this discussion to me. Almost like it’s leader versus members of alliances… To be clear, I am a member of an alliance, not a leader though I am active here and on the reddit subthread (hope that mention doesn’t get me kicked and no disrespect intended).

Is there a creative way to circumvent booting of members that seem inactive? Maybe 10 roster slots in an alliance that could be reserved for players that have dropped off, which would not allow for war or titan kill benefits? I understand that there are all kinds of alliances out there, from competitive and wanting to be top tier to causal players looking for weekly activity… Could alliances be required to advertise their intentions as they recruit?

In short I believe that most issues between leaders and players can be resolved through communication and that either real life or miscommunication leads to the majority of unresolved bootings. Two caveats here, one I am purposely ignoring leaders or players that actively act in bad faith, and second, I think that there should be protections for active alliance members that get booted, because a leader wants a merc to finish a titan or participate in a war that looks better on paper, just because the alliance has requests to join.


Thank you,

That is exactly why I kick off players from my ali

Hi… Not a leader, but active daily player.

I don’t believe active daily players would get kicked… except maybe accidentally (big red button hard to miss). If you browse through AR in the forum and global chat, all alliances are looking for active daily players.

Last month joined and left 3 different mid-level alliances who promoted themselves as an active alliance. I thought it meant, no missed titan or war flags. RL happens (exception). All 3 active alliances had members who didn’t use titan flags or left war flags unused with little or no explanation of their absence in just one week. These members weren’t booted, so I left.

I agree, and I think it’s been raised many times, in many different ways by multiple posters, communication is the key. If people are going to be unable to war - opt out; If people can’t hit the titan, notify the alliance - its just part of being a member of an Active Alliance.


It would be really helpful if there were a game feature where, when the leader was kicking a player, they had the option to include a message that the kicked player would receive when they logged on.


I think that would be a great feature! Also I don’t want to let players off the hook here as well, if leaders could have access to previous names that players have used, it could prevent toxic players from being readmitted to alliances as well…

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I think you misunderstood my post. Why shouldn’t an experienced player who has been with the alliance for over a year not understand the alliances ground rules and expectations? This makes no sense to me. They know the expectations, but they’re choosing not to follow them. That means they should be kicked.

I never said new players weren’t important, but it really depends on the type of Alliance you’re in. A top 100 alliance is unlikely to want to nurture a newbie.

Tangentially related:

So this one time I promoted a guy who had been pretty active to Elder, which was my policy. If you are following the rules, you are an elder. Immediately he kicks a guy who is just a member, but about to also become an Elder (I think he had a day left before I would promote him, by policy). I immediately demote him and asked why he did that, no response. A day goes by, I ask again, no response. He’s still active and participating, but he’s gotta go at this point.

Really wished there had been a way to reach out to the guy that he kicked though.

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