Being booted off alliance

Hi, Hi, I joined an alliance that I was on for many months. Suddenly I was booted off. I couldn’t get back on to ask why.

Then, I joined another alliance…and today I got booted off from that one. Again, I couldn’t ask why. I am a daily player…why is this happening. Very discouraged. Any thoughts?

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I don’t think you’ll get an answer, unless you join the alliance again (if they’re open) and ask the leader/alliance the question…

Alternatively, just find another alliance that meets your goals with the game. :stuck_out_tongue: Before joining make sure you read their description and ask for any clarification on rules that they have when you join.


As @DaveCozy said, you may never know for sure unless you can ask someone in the alliance for clarification. Here are some things that might get you kicked out of an alliance. Each alliance is different, though.

  1. Not hitting the Titan.
  2. Joining into wars and not hitting.
  3. Never chatting (They may think you’re inactive)
  4. Not upgrading your defense heroes. (This impacts wars mostly. Gor example, we have a cup dropper who was questioned about not upgrading his heroes. Once he explained he was just dropping cups the person questioning was satisfied he was participating. )
  5. Offensive remarks in chat. Who’s to say what is offensive to a person? It may not be to you, but to someone else…
  6. Not playing daily.
  7. Not reading chat. We have one of those and it’s frustrating as this person does not follow war instructions, etc.

I’m sure there are plenty more, but these are some basic ones.



@LadySuzanne has done a pretty good job of outlining reasons, and as @DaveCozy said you will probably never know. Suggest you join a team who are clear with you about what their requirements are. I could suggest (ahem!) "All Zeros will be Kicked" have one spots available. As the name suggests we are fairly upfront, but joking aside, joining an alliance is a covenant, make sure both parties understand what they want from the relationship. :smiley:


Some alliances sacrifice players to calm down the great Lord of the Board. RNGsus desires victims from time to time…

:wink: :notes:


We had to remove a semi-active player who didn’t chat. There was no way to communicate with them why they were being removed. I hate not letting a player know (and giving them a chance to explain).

Communicating is the key! It doesn’t mean you need to be a constant chatterer, but it’s important to maintain communication throughout the wars, and at least read the chat so you know what direction the alliance is heading.

I don’t think any alliance leader or co-leader willingly wants to remove players unless forced to. Recruiting is the bane of our existence :persevere:


ן kicked of someone who didnt chat. Didnt replace his war defence team and in wars he always went fot the toughest team of the enemy’s and did maz of 45 points in war

He was 2100 and attacked 3780. 4100. Etc again and again and again


Tough guy.
Living on the edge…


Many reasons, people will boot to let people in if its full maybe?. Feel free to join mine. (M3) Murderous Three. All I ask is you use your flags if you are in wars.


When you join an alliance ask what the rules are. Nobody wants to kick an active team player so if you live up to expectations you’ll be safe.

I do the recruiting for my alliance and copy and paste the rules when I recruit someone so they know what to ecpect.

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agree with that princess, we had one this morning that we kicked…

We always give a chance, asked in chat to talk about their war teams (they were only using one flag). We’re pretty understanding with new players not having enough teams. But we usually ask for them to say something first… and we didn’t get an answer back after 4 wars in a row. So we never knew, and we’ll never know now cuz we can’t have that :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m really glad this discussion was posted. I know this is a little off-toopic, but we have a player that’s been with us for almost a year. She used to chat some but now we never get a response unless we flood the chat with different colored messages shouting her name. Even then, it’s if she just happens to look at chat. She hits the titans and uses all 6 flags in war, but she doesn’t follow war strategy adjust her war team or level her heroes.

Needless to say, this is very frustrating and where we’re at the point of kicking her. I’m glad (but sad) to see others have experienced the exact same situation. I’m a softie which makes me the ‘Mom’ of our alliance so it’s hard to make that decision. Fortunately, Hubby (aka ‘Dad’) is not so soft and neither is our other co-leader. They make the hard decisions when I can’t and leave me happily to training, forum hunting and recruiting. Looks like I’m about to do some more. :laughing:


Does it harm your scores?
Do you have a
better option/new member

If one yes - hit kick :relieved:

I’m not a fan, but after several tries to get in contact without response… so what.


If your nickname is Bieberlove<3<3<3, i think i may know the reason.


If you’ve read many of my posts on here, I’m sure you’ve got me pegged as a softie :grin: I’m usually pretty patient and it takes a lot to get under my skin. I can think of a couple on here that have been on the receiving end of my wrath, though :rofl:


Zero given is looking for an active player give them a go. Won’t boot u for no reason

Got me curious now…

The OP stayed less than a minute after the post…

The issue may be communication or being overly busy to have time for the alliance ẹ.g may check in daily but go straight to the map not bothering about war nor Titans and neither read chats.

I think if she’s holding your alliance back or setting a poor example for other players it’s time to let her go. I also think it’s disrespectful to at least not communicate a reason why she’s not able to at least check chat or featured messages. If they’re an experienced player they should know better imho.

I think this is a very interesting discussion. Having been a leader of a guild in a previous game, I kind of like being simply a member of an alliance here, because I would keep monthly spreadsheets of who was active or not, give warnings before taking any action, and then have to boot when necessary.

That being said, I wonder if the problem could be addressed if we had an additional alliance page that the leaders would post expectations of the group and new members would have to click they’ve read it before becoming full members. This way players and alliances would be more on the same page as to is required to be a member, elder, leader of a given alliance…

To me, one of the best things about games like Empires and Puzzles is the teaching of new gamers, and I disagree with Ninjanico that alliances should be biased to experienced players, because I’ve had a lot of “new” players share insights on how to play different games and have taught me much about my own play style and how to improve it.


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