Being active curse :sad:

I don’t know if this is just me but…
As a forum fan … I really like to have many notifications on me or many new topics to respond to.
Infact this forum are more addictive to me than the game it self.
I am so addicted to it.
Please post more topics guys, I can’t just set there and wait. Its so painful specially on days off work.
Does any one know a cure of my curse of being active forum fan? :sob:


Do you have Line? There are more game chats there than anyone can reasonably keep up with.


I removed it to let enough space for E&P updates.
But when I was there … I got nothing active as me. There is nothing better than this forum in my life now. :slightly_frowning_face:

I am starting to visit this forum far these days. It seems like 2/3 of everything posted is a complaint. Even threads that start out positive end up full of complainers.


I agree totally but. Still … replaying to this posts is great fun.

I agree totally. I keep checking here for good information, but I end up ignoring a lot of what is posted. Give Line a try again if you want more game discussion in your life.

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Go through the community content section. It’s chock full of creativity and is the most positive corner of the forum.

Creative content doesn’t go out of date so fast either, so even stuff that’s a year old is a good read.


I’ve flagged your post as Off-Topic:

This post is not relevant to the current discussion as defined by the title and first post, and should probably be moved elsewhere.

Edit: Well, the fun of that pretty much left the building as I (again) encountered the ‘reply to a specific post turns to a general reply’ bug, and ‘your post’ could refer to all and/or no post. I didn’t flag any post, by the way, I just thought I would create some drama = more notifications. :grin: I failed.


Forum become my home, because I gave no space on my phone to run any new programs.
E&P is taking aver my phone space and I wont let any thing to stop it from getting all the space it need.
If there is any website with forum function of E&P that active enough, it would be great to know.
I already read every thing on and lived it but there is no way to be compared to this forum.
I am so down right now. :disappointed:

Start a debate, like a University Society. Just pose a motion and see if it fires people’s brains.

Something abstract but entertaining like:

This house believes that no character would beat Gormek in an arm-wrestle: discuss


I am doing that already.
Nothing better to do but fresh topics
Love your idea @JonahTheBard :heart:

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Haha good one :smile:

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WoW I got scared for a while.
Pheeeeew!! Thanks haha

It would have to be Ares …

… or Skittleskull.

You know, depending on whether we play it straight or for laughs. :wink:


Ares can be good one … But i think more will be Obakan … at least he can be good in some thing.

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But how buff is Ares under his armour? He might be a kitten!


And now to Ares for a reaction to such an assertion:



Ahahaha what a sour puss


I was going to say he would need to be strong to even lift the arms of that armour, but it looks like the thread has taken a turn …

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This is actually well-traveled territory… :grin:


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