Being able to see if Titan is being hit

Just a thought - but some way to see if players are currently hitting Titan - would save flags being wasted at end of Titan battle with multiple players hitting at once to kill Titan.

Use chat to coordinate

Chat and world map tell you when there’s a titan, as does the titan tab in your alliance. It takes all of two seconds to check if there’s an active titan

@Shallab The OP is wanting a way to make sure that there aren’t 2 players attacking when one would be enough to finish it off

First rule of titan battles. Read chat FIRST, communicate, then hit. Although I’d love to see an indicator easily seen of who is playing but

Chat is great - but it would just be good if you could see if Titan is being attacked, like you can see opponent being attacked in war.

Would save wasted flags and any uncertainty if anyone is currently attacking.

To me this is actually a BUG but since it won’t be fixed at least this would improve the UX.

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