Being able to see if Titan is being hit

Just a thought - but some way to see if players are currently hitting Titan - would save flags being wasted at end of Titan battle with multiple players hitting at once to kill Titan.

Use chat to coordinate

Chat and world map tell you when there’s a titan, as does the titan tab in your alliance. It takes all of two seconds to check if there’s an active titan

@Shallab The OP is wanting a way to make sure that there aren’t 2 players attacking when one would be enough to finish it off

First rule of titan battles. Read chat FIRST, communicate, then hit. Although I’d love to see an indicator easily seen of who is playing but

Chat is great - but it would just be good if you could see if Titan is being attacked, like you can see opponent being attacked in war.

Would save wasted flags and any uncertainty if anyone is currently attacking.

To me this is actually a BUG but since it won’t be fixed at least this would improve the UX.

I can’t see a topic on this so hope it isn’t duplicated.

You should be able to see who is attacking the Titan while the attackers are in progress.

This is very important when the Titan is close to being kille to ensure flags are not wasted.

Just get your alliance into the habit of calling hits at a certain amount of health left. We do it at 250k, but just choose a number that makes sense based on the average damage done by players. Just put in chat you have flag and hitting, then when done. Everyone just forms an orderly queue

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^ yeah this is what my alliance does. Once titan is close to dying, I ask if anyone is currently hitting / planning on hitting / still needs to hit before going in myself.

As stated above this what we also do, but actually rarely happens either a waiting on flags to kill the titan or b it gets destroyed easily depending on strength.

many times tickets go to lost because, many are hitting it same time and not all players want to chat in alliance chatroom

While that would be a good idea, not communicating on a titan isn’t the same as not wanting to be chatty.

I’d expect anyone in my alliance who wants to join in and cooperate to be happy to provide basic information on when they’re hitting the titan.

We use the rule of calling your hits on titans before you use a flag once it’s under a certain amount of HP left… we use 100k. Don’t have to chat, just say “hitting” or something.

This keeps people from wasting flags hitting at the same time. This can be very important once you get to the bigger titans, which could take most of the time allowed to take down, and wasting flags near the end means players may not have a flag ready when the next one spawns.

Yes. I agree. It would be very nice to see that someone is currently hitting on the Titan, before I use a flag. A little sword or something.
Not all alliances are able to have rules about comments before hitting a Titan near the end.

Wow. U have so many big hitters that want that final blow? Or just cheeky last hitters :thinking:

It would be a good idea to ask your team mates to post ( in the alliance chat ) when they are gonna attack , especially if it’s at the end of line for the titan … COMMUNICATION = everything… :bulb:

…now if only I took my own advice and communicated to my wife I would have gotten dinner today… Pouts :upside_down_face:

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Does it really even matter? Does the last hit get you something better after so many?

No it doesn’t get better loot at all to be the last hitter.

Allience communication is the only issue here.

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Sorry bit outta order

Agree that the mature alliances are able to handle titan Flag issues well. It is not a problem for them. They have STRICT rules and cater to a certain type of player.
HOWEVER, not all alliances have that luxury. People do forget, get in a hurry, etc, etc etc. It just happens.
A marker, a green dot.
Or even better. Live action of the titan score going down as someone else is hitting.

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