Beginner's Guide to Empires & Puzzles

Hey everyone! I have consolidated my beginner series of videos into one place for people who are wondering what to do once the opening tutorial ends. This series was inspired to help one of our training alliances, but I thought I would share it with the community. You can visit my YouTube channel and subscribe here:

Ep. 01 - Introduction

Ep. 02 - Heroes

Ep. 03 - Maps, Quests, & Events

Ep. 04 - Raid

Ep. 05 - Resources & Ascension Materials

Ep. 06 - Buildings

Ep. 07 - Training Camps

Ep. 08 - Forge & Crafting

Ep. 09 - Troops & Barracks

Ep. 10 - Joining an Alliance

Ep. 11 - Titans

Ep. 12 - War

Ep. 13 - Alliance Etiquette

Ep. 14 - Team Feature

Ep. 15 - Economy

Ep. 16 - Elemental Chest


Regarding Buildings - Why do you recommend converting a forge and not a house into a barrack? Logically, your barracks are for housing your troops and heroes. So wouldn’t a house be the best bet for conversion?

You don’t need multiple forges. But you do gain benefit from multiple houses. You would lose capacity converting a house.


Thanks NittanyLionRoar. My strong hold has reached level 11. Can you look at my teams and suggest what else I can do to strengthen them? I’m again getting stuck in Season province 11.

Hey @Mithrandir31! I apologize for the late reply. Perhaps you’ve advanced further by now, but I think the best thing to do is level a balance of healers and fast heroes. Here’s a strategy I use to level multiple heroes as fast as I can:

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