Beginners challenges

I keep entertained playing, strategizing however there are times I can be discouraged in tournaments both raid and alliance battles. I am a season 1 player and at times battle against season 3 players, with less power points than I have but their Realm bonus omg are a bit discouraging lol. I don’t mind the costume upgrade but those Realm bonus are damaging for my :trophy: points lol. Is there any way @EmpiresandPuzzles season 1 beginners can have opportunities in obtaining a short cut to Realm Bonus? Can i suggest extra quest or active roles in assisting in destroying Titans besides purchasing. If such options is considered maybe also to achieve certain goals within a timeframe. :star_struck:

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Quests are giving some Valhalla tokens now, so eventually you’ll have enough for a free pull. That and the free gems that you get from time to time are the main ways to get those summons before you start completing Season III.

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@mpolo thanks but it is just the defeat which makes me desperate :laughing:

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