Beginner question

Just wonder how many mines, farms, iron and food storage u guys running?

because I think iron is kind of useless in the long run ( after all useful building reach lvl 20)

I have 3 mines @ 13, 7 farms @ 13. 3 food storage @ 11 and 4 iron storage@ 11-12.

i’m abt to reach SH@ 15. more space to build, should i go for more farm instead iron?


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All allowed at the maximum level. Even if you don’t have anything to build you’ll have Tornado, Time stop, Bombs and Dragon Fire to craft which takes considerable amount of iron.


I think i would need more food in the future, like lvl heroes and troops. so i wonder if i can stop building mine, but build more farm instead.

The game will only allow you to build certain amounts of each type of building as you level up your stronghold and open up new land. By the time you get to the end, you’ll have 9 farms and 4 mines. Your only real choices are which ones you choose to level first and which one you choose to turn into troop barracks.

That said, if you think food is more important to your progress than iron, feel free to focus on leveling your farms first.


The only thing you should be turning into a barracks is a forge.


I’ve noticed, as a general rule, that food has SLIGHTLY more uses than iron. But at your level (I mean general player level), I would focus on getting a training camp 20 up and running…for this you will need iron to level your ore storage, then your stronghold, and finally training camp…of course, it is best to stagger your builds e.g. ore storage 14, ore storage 14, ore storage 14, stronghold 16, training camp 14 (or whatever), etc. And as Dante noted, definitely build a barracks in place of forge (if you haven’t already)…in my own game, I always seem to get low on food b4 ore, but it all depends on what items you craft and what you build and when…

From my, not very experienced, point of view, you’ll need plenty of iron to level up farms, food stores, training camps and forges. Especially if you have VIP pass with a second builder.

Every one gets the same number of for their base, the only question is what to level first ( see notes ).

You get your last four level 1 buildings- a farm, a food storage, a recruit storage and a training camp- at stronghold 20.


==Advice and General Info==

Some of you rewards are tied to your food storage, so higher food storage gets you more food rewards. Some of your rewards are tied to your iron storage, so higher iron storage gets you more iron. Unfortunately , more recruit storage does not increase your recruit rewards.

To answer your original question, I have two builders so I maxed my mines when I was low on iron since mines take food.

Mines 20 x4
Iron storage 19 x5
Farm 20 x2, 19 x5
Food storage 19 x4



Thx Gry,

Learned so much from this

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