Beginner Level in Event Challenge

Challenge events: I do not understand why top players are playing in the beginner level, real beginner players have no chance of ever placing. I think there should be a beginner level for real beginner, intermediate / advanced / expert level for seasoned players. Am I the only feeling like this.

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20 characters of Prizes!


These events aren’t labeled well and every event folks are posting about it. Beginner doesn’t mean that it’s for new people - these events were added as an additional layer of complexity for folks who have been playing for a while. Beginner, to me, really refers to the 3* cap on heroes and 2* caps on items and troops.

No player is completing these (prove me wrong) with 1 and 2* hero teams.

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Nice challenge though :wink: .
I might just level a 2* team to try next month


I finished the beginner level using
All level 50
Than I also used Hawkmoon, level 6

My troops were 2 * but level 3

I was hoping someone would.

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Zero, the top player in the game, was doing the beginner level but got too much flak for it and backed off. The challenge events sadly aren’t for actual beginners. You need minimum 2-3 months playtime just to be able to complete it it seems. The easter event beginner level was much easier but sucked big time.

I don’t believe it was the “flak” so much as the insane amounts of farming needed for items for 3 tiers of challenges as well as the careful meticulous use of flags over a Thur-Sunday period necessary to win all 3 tiers.

He confirmed to me that too many complained and also others in the titan war video lounge on line have stated he even got harassed over it…maybe threats.