Beginner AW Attack Question for splitting up your 6 flags with few heroes?

I have 1 5* 4.30 (and rising), 9 maxed 4* (so 2 full teams)… and then an infinite supply of maxed 3* (60 of them, lol). How should my flags be spent in an AW? (Keeping in mind I’m near the bottom in my alliance and we’re usually going to see mostly teams way above my best TP, maybe a few around my TP).

1- Just use those two best teams to attack appropriate teams and use the remaining 4 3* teams for cleanup.
2- Spread all 10 5*/4* among all 6 flags to help the whole AW with just cleanup
3- Something in between? (Like spread them among 4 flags or something)

I recommend you first check with your alliance to see what they would like you to do. If you were in our alliance (mid-strong alliance), you’d be expected to help with clean up.

Please don’t think clean up is a less-worthy position to be in. Our players who can provide this “service” are a valuable part of our war strategy. Clean up teams allow our strongest players to move on to try and one-shot stronger opponents.

If you really want to help to help your alliance, I’d suggest the following:

  1. be online during the war as much as possible
  2. announce on the chat that you’re “here and ready to help clean up”
  3. be willing to be contacted through discord or line (if your alliance uses either), so you can be reached if needed.

If a bunch of strong players are online staring at a board with one or two really weak opponents and no one wants to waste a flag to clear the board, trust me… If you came on, cleared those teams and re-set the board, you’d be treated like a HERO!


Great advice @princess1 - I couldn’t have said it better :star_struck:.

Although I would add, if you’re in doubt before using your flags @Anonymous ask for advice. My levelled 3* heros were / are amazing for clean ups and really shine in rare events too.

Good luck :smile:


Thanks for input guys- I just joined an alliance and felt weird exposing that I only have 10 strong heroes in the middle of them talking about all their 3.70s waiting for ascension items, lol.

War strategy wise, I was always planning on cleaning up, just wasn’t sure if I should be using 4 or 6 of my flags for that (like, 2 full teams could be used for full attack). Like @Sarah2 mentioned, 4 fully leveled 3* teams might be good enough for cleanup and I don’t need to mix in the 4*/5*? But I understand it’s probably better to just ask my alliance.

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You are much better off being honest with them about what you’ve got. We’ve often had players join us with a 4000+ team and then been shocked during war when they did very poorly. Turns out they “bought” that team and their bench has barely leveled 3 stars.

They were still welcome though because once we realized that, we could customize the strategy around their teams.


Good point, thanks! :slight_smile: