Begging for advice on purple Titan Team

Hello, we are currently battling our second 7*… and of course it would be purple… my feeling is to bring a rainbow team since both Hu Tao and the Owl are so slow they probably would never get to fire… but I am still quite an ignoramus So I figure I had better ask to those who know better!
I would do BT Wu Tibs Lianna and Perseus. Any advice?
This is my roster… THANKS a million in advance for your help!

BT / Tibby / Hu Tao / flex / Wu

Can really put anyone in flex, Richard for debuff, alby for mana charge goodness, Azlar for stats.


How on hell did you get a team like that ?? Did you buy them ? :smiley:

almost :wink:
I spent real money twice on a 10X pull… the first time was quite at the beginning and it got me most of my actual defense team including Richard, Rigard, Little John, Hu Tao, Boldtusk…aaaand Alberich as it was the HOTM.
Second time I did that was during the Guardians of Teltoc event and got 8 3* (none that stands out in my memory and got promptly fed to the rest of the gang for dinner) Tibs and the Owl… my BIGGEST waste of ascension materials so far.
After that I only did single pulls, grouped by 3/4s, with whatever I could scrape for gems… I know I am way beyond average lucky with heroes… BUT there is a big but !!!
I realize now I left myself be blinded by the “5* mystique” and spent a LOT of effort and resources in leveling the five stars only to understand much later that my partially ascended fivers WILL take a beating from fully ascended good 4*… so I am now trying to retrace my steps.
We all know how impossibly rare the top ascension materials are so opportunities to get my 5* to the top are indeed scarce to say the least.

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Hu Tao you say Revelate? I have all but shelved him because of his slow mana… felt like he was definitely not doing much… hmmmmmm you have given me more food for thought now OUCH my poor much depleted neurons will walk out on me one of these days I swear!

Tile damage rules for titans.

Hu Tao is only there because he’s levelled and Joon isn’t; not using / not levelling HT otherwise is correct, as you should be working on Joon for long term yellow.

12 5* off of two paid 10x pulls? Im fairly gullible by nature but that my friend is just impossible.

It’s not impossible. Perhaps improbable. :wink:

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