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So, goigg02 infghcrease per fted 55days x 24hours x 2004 ~~ lets say 2.6 MIL iron increase… with two buildersgdf

summing it up:

minus 1dfgf

keep in mind for TC20 you’re going to need housing capacity and a lot of food for heroes (and for TC research) to feed the TC20. Food becomes a big problem once you get into TC20 and want to keep them running 24/7. Eventually you’re going to max everything out, in the big picture, 13 days really isn’t much time. Make sure you have the food/housing supply chain covered.

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Absolutely not worth it. TC20 is critical for all but the highest spending or oldest players. You don’t need that much iron, so there is no reason to level mines past 10-12 until you have training camps and farms at 20 and a forge at 14-19.


With VIP and the second builder it takes a LOT of iron to keep them both running on your way to TC20…and when you have a free builder and no iron, you can use food to upgrade a mine or the watchtower.

I kept my mines up at my stronghold level ‘till 17 or 18.

If you don’t play as actively in your first three months as I did, 10-12 might not slow you down at all.

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I’ve been playing 6 months, on VIP nearly the whole time. After I got two camps to TC20, I focused on houses then food and forges. Finishing my WT now and slowly working the others up. Won’t touch my mines again until everything else is basically finished.

No. Iron mines and the 3rd craft shop were the last buildings I maxed. Iron was almost always maxed, even with 2 builders, because the building upgrades take so long…gives you plenty of time to refill your reserves via raids. Don’t neglect your farms though. Once your troops are high level, they are insanely expensive to feed.

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Did most of my mine upgrades when I had a free builder and not enuf iron for what I would rather build; YMMV. And now finishing up iron storage and my 2nd forge. (Farms, Mines, FS, WT all done)

Gonna be a contest for last between houses (don’t need ‘em now that I got 30 :gem: for taking one to 20) and my TCs not yet at 20 (don’t wanna shut down the TC11 production to upgrade them yet, I need feeders heroes more than anything.)