Been spending ham left and right. Where to put it?

Hello, I am aware that I am in no position to make seperate teams for attack or defence, therefore I am looking for 1 or 2 core teams to do most my questing and raiding work just quite. I am posting my heroes below.Screenshot_20181104-152152_Empires Screenshot_20181104-152205_Empires

Also I want to start with 4* and be in a bit more pain rather than going with 3*'s.

Purple: Rigard
Yellow: Chao
Blue: Kiril
Green: Caedmon
Red: Boldtusk & Wilbur (Wilbur > Boldtusk)

Those heroes will always be useful.
Bring them to 4.70 while the others could safely (and freely) go to 3.60 and be handy for alliance wars.


@FraVit93 Thanks awesome advice, could you point me out with a 5 man general purpose lineup too as I take these guys to their max. Right now I use Hu Tao - Tiburtus - Kiril - Boldtusk - Elkanen, without Tiburtus or Elkanen I don’t have much damage, Hu Tao hasn’t been my favourite so far.

You can still level Tiburtus as he is a great attacker but I suggest you to park Elkanen and Hu Tao.

For a general purpose team you should seek a mix of survivability and offense, Boldtusk and Wilbur will bring you both. Kiril is a good hero but his buff will have some conflicts with Wilberu’s (DEF) and Boldtusk’s (ATK) buff. You can still use Kiril with one of them (two would maybe be too much) by activing Kiril before the others and doing so keeping the best effects.

For general usage you could achieve the best results with AoE attackers as Little John and Hu Tao (even if he isn’t a great damager) but for a raid perspective faster and sturdier heroes are better.
A good team of 3.60 heroes could make you complete the story mode, Wilbur would help you greatly in that regard.


@FraVit93 Thanks this is very very detailed, and I appreciate it a lot. I have come to a conclusion of this following 5 heroes for general purpose raiding for now,

Boldtusk-Raise Wilbur meanwhile.
Tiburtus (Will not level Rigard yet, as I believe Tiburtus will be more value as AoE, heals are backed up nicely I suppose.)

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Sound response, I would also focus on Sonya, especially if you have Rigard and Boldtusk for healers.

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I think it depends what kind of team you want to prioritize. Do you want a strong defense team, a good raiding team, a good Titan team or a versatile team that’ll be decent, but not exceptional, at all aspects of the game? Also, do you have and abundance or shortage of one or more type(s) of ascension materials ?

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Right now it seems impossible to get enough food and recruit supplies to diversify into many heroes (10 Castle 8 TC) Usually there is a food shortage and backpack shortage. I am not very competent at titans yet, I enjoy raiding, and I think makes the most sense to make a raiding team and use it as general purpose team until many heroes are leveled.

I get revenged a lot :frowning:

I am open to your suggestions but right now leveling heroes is a bit hard. (farming 8-7 and 5-8 but recruits into heroes is slow) My farms are 8 or 9 levels at the moment.

In this case I agree with the recommendation of @FraVit93. Wilbur, Kiril, Rigard, Chao and Caedmon. Rigard is valuable not just for his heal, but also his ability to cleanse negative status effects. There are few heroes in the game that can do that. Wilbur’s defense down/up effect has a huge impact and since you have caedmon you can use him to cancel out the shared damage effect Wilbur’s special inflicts on enemies. You’d definitely be lacking AOE damage, but you’d have a powerful combination of skills that would synergize pretty well. Since Wilbur and Kiril would overwrite each other’s defense buffs you could consider switching out Kiril for Boril or Sonya although I think the tradeoff Kiril represents (-33% defense relative to Wilbur’s buff in exchange for a heal and +30% attack) is probably worth it.

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