Been lurking a while and I have a question on rare events vs. team power - How do I beat these?

I started playing mid December and here in May I have a question regarding ascension items. My primary team in this order left to right > maxed Oberon, friar tuck, 3/60 Hu Tao, Nashgar, Karil.

My team power comes in at 2458.

So my question is since I need 4 orbs to ascend HuTao to level 4, when the rare events come around with the needed items, the levels are typically 3200 or 3400 labeled as very hard etc.

My team would/can sometimes barely beat a 2600 opponent team, so how am I expected to achieve these items when they only exist on levels that are nearly impossible for me to beat?

Each attack is nearly 3-500 from each opponent and within a few turns it’s over. So how can I ever expect to get the desired items even over a very long period of time if I can’t even come close to being able to win?

I continue to read threads about hard to find items to ascend and in some ways I tend to agree, in this one, I don’t, because I want to try to win but simply can’t seem to do it even with efforts put forward to try and do so.

I’ve tried the levels a few times and just come to the realization that my team is no where near capable of winning and I just don’t bother with anything great than 2400 anymore out of shear frustration, so what do I do??


Items. Healing potions, mana potions, axes, bombs. They are difference makers.


I have plenty of minor healing and 225 healing, poison and arrows…

The axe is only good for one hit and I don’t have many.

Don’t have many mana potions, I’d have to look.

First of all, team power is a terrible metric to use. I’d ignore it completely. Also, comparing rare quests to raiding is apples and oranges.

Part of the problem is that you have no full team healer and some of your 3* heroes aren’t very powerful ones (Oberon, friar Tuck aren’t great and Karil is very mediocre). Once you get a full team healer (belith, hawkmoon, melendor, sabina, rigard, BT, kiril, etc) things get much easier.

Don’t forget you can bring battle items - using your battle items properly is key to taking lower level teams and getting ascension items.

I’d also start training tc13 (or 20 if you have it but probably not) HARD to get one of the full team healers mentioned above. Bringing 2 healers, I find you can do all the stages of the rare quests, even at only 3/60 and def the 2nd last stage with mix of 3/60 and 3/50 3 stars.


Unless you plan on being top 10 with time I would suggest taking your time. Scan the board and make the right moves.

Do you have any other heros leveled possibly?

Same as others, items are really important, especially mana pots (with the right heroes) and axe/arrows.
Then get a Kailani or Gunnar, with Belith and/or Hawkmoon cover your team (that’s why mana pots and not health pots).

You probably need a very long time to finish it, but the difference is that is totally possible like this.


I agree.

Not all heroes are good heroes. You want heroes with good synergy/ compatibility on the same team.

Even bad heroes can help you. Either Grave damage ( Note 3) or double strong color, or double strong color with double neutral color ( ask your alliance teammates about doubling heroes ). So you want two good rainbow teams.

For Rare events do you mean Challenge events ( Pirates, Guardians, Knight ) or quests ( Frostmarch, Farholme, etc. ) ?

I don’t even bother with the Challenge events ( Pirates, Guardians, Knights ) the rewards are so poor for the time, energy, and battle items spent. I just take the free world energy flask and spend it on the map.

If you mean quests ( Frostmarch, Farholme, etc. ) I agree with Dante that all healers are not created equal.

4*, 42% heal ( Note 1)
Rigard- cleanse !!!
Melendor- debuff
Sabina- debuff same color as Rigard

4*, 27% heal with 3 turn buff
Kiril- defense+ offense ( take that Vampire Lords )
Boldtusk- offense only

3* 32% heal with debuff

3* 32% heal with high attack stat

I often run two healers during quests, but make up for it with Wu Kong ( Note 2).

Friar Tuck works best as a 3* center healer for raid/ war defense teams, replaced by 4* Kashhrek, then 5* Guinevere. But I leveled my Melendor first since he can get me Rare Ascension Item Quests while Kashhrek only helps passively ( I want Guinevere, but don’t have 24 poison darts to level four 5* yellows. The three 5* heroes for rare quests/ titans/ challenge events plus Guinevere on war/ raid defense ).

Note 1

Note 2

Note 3

I have others, most are not leveled.

I have:

Sabina Level 34 Asc 1
Vivica Level 60 Asc 2 (there is where I need the orbs and Hu Tao also that’s 8 total!)
Gunner Level 1 Asc 1
Moonhawk Level 1 Asc1

Mostly all 3 star, 2: 4 star, 1: 5 star. I’ll try to figure out how to post all the heroes I have when I get home tonight.

Thanks for helpful responses, I’m trying to improve my team a bit without creating a negative post.


Also, how do you guys take the screen shots of the heroes? My top and bottom borders get in the way. Is there an easy way to do it on an galaxy s6?

Just for a real world “minimum” example. I attempted a rare quest final stage for the first time the other day with Mount Umber. I barely pulled it off. I have a team power of 2700 (Valen, Caedmon, Colen, Bane, Rigard). I had a Max Revive, Mana Pots, Bombs & Bear Banners. I had a good 1st round, then used my Max Revives and Mana Pots on Rigard to stay alive until the boss level. Then unloaded the rest of my items on the Boss.

I’d say a team power of 2700 or higher is sensible to attempt the final stage of the rare quests with bombs or better battle items. Also assuming you have a decent healer or two. It’s just a matter of having enough survivability to last the mob rounds and then strong enough battle items and damage dealers to take out the bosses quick enough.

You should definitely level this heroes, they will really help you for rare quest.
Vivica and Sabina will be good for raid too.

I thought there was really only one way to take screen caps on cell phones.
press and hold power button + volume down button at the same time snaps you a picture into your gallery.

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Here are the characters I have now:

naturally it depends on the event colors but you honestly need to level vivica when you get orbs and leave Hu Tao where he is. I would probably run Sabina, Bane, Nashgar, Vivica, Hu. And would likely replace Hu with Squire Wabbit once leveled assuming you dont have a better 3/4/5* Blue or Green in the meantime.

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Been in your shoes not too long ago. The rare quests all have 5 stages to them, with stage 4 giving you a 3* ascension item and stage 5 netting you the ultra-rare 4* item.

I believe that the 4th stages are definitely doable for you. Your strategy may need to be adjusted depending on the bosses you’re facing, but the gist of it:

  1. Come packing arrows and axes; I would start the first round by launching some arrows at the enemy line, just to give your heroes time to charge their mana and start being effective. You can space the remaining arrows out, but save your axes for the boss. In essence, you always want to keep the attack debuff up and active on them.
  2. Since your only healer is the good Friar (I presume?) you will need to bring some healing potions to regenerate the 2 heroes that his area-heal cannot reach
  3. Your last item may be either mana potions (always useful for fast-charging specials), or perhaps antidotes if the boss is attacking with negative status effects like the accuracy penalty

The final stage 5 of the rare questlines is likely beyond your capability for now. It’s not so much about your team power as it is about your team synergy. Oberon is simply not a good hero, even for a 3*, and Karil is meh. If you’re looking to round out a rainbow team, then Balthazar is a better purple for his raw damage and Valen or Ulmer are far superior to Karil for their defense debuffs.

Follow-up post as I just saw your complete roster that you posted.

I would start levelling either Ulmer or Valen immediately to replace Karil (but keep Karil for alliance wars, don’t feed him). I really can’t overstate the value of their defense-down debuffs - these abilities are useful in every aspect of the game.

You already have Balthazar near max, which is good. Drop Oberon from your line-up ASAP.

You have Vivica and Sabina, who are both fantastic healers. Not sure why you’re not using Vivica especially as at 2/60 she’s a far better healer than the Friar. Sabina will need some time to power up but is worth the effort.

Other notable heroes that will prove to be of value in the beginner tiers of the monthly events: Gunnar, Kailani, & Brienne are all money; Belith is the best 3* healer; Azar and Gan Ju are situationally useful for their mana kills. In summary, you have a lot of good heroes sitting on your bench to work with, and with some good leveling effort I can see you beating even those “very hard” 3200+ power stages in the rare quests before long.

I will start the process, from left to right, what would be a good order? Also, for a defense team, what would be the best way to do that?

I can typically beat with help from potions and arrows right up to the 4th stage, I just don’t do the 5th, but I also don’t do the 4th often if its something I can farm, like dust.

I even stopped on the map too because at level 15-5 because just I refuse to keep using potions which come at a cost…so I’ll incrementally do one every now and then…but that is where I found I can’t get much further with my current line up.

replace tuck with viv asap. you don’t need a rainbow team.

Order attacking really doesn’t matter, i don’t think there are any 3 target specials on rare quests, just single target or full aoe. order would only matter for your own specials.

i think you find once sabina is 3/60 and you have viv and sabina in place of oberon and friary tuck you will have a much easier time.

Well as Dante said, don’t get stuck on a rainbow team - having one hero of every colour is not always effective.

Looking at your current roster, my dream team would probably be Vivica, Sabina, Hu Tao, and then likely Ulmer and either Berden or Nashgar. Brienne and Valen could also make good sub-ins depending what you’re facing (titans, events).

I wouldn’t worry too much about a defense team at the moment, but here’s just a suggestion: Viv will suit the tank role respectively well if you can get her to 3/70, then you can flank her with a leveled Sabina and Balthazar, with 2 of Valen/Nashgar/Berden on your outside wings. That’s…kind of a starter defense team though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: